Vaccine babies

So who’s ready for their third shot? What happened to flattening the curve, what happened to keeping everyone safe with the vaccines now that covid cases are sky rocketing once again.

The majority of sudbarians are vaccinated, so explain your way out of this one, people are done, they rebranded the flu shot as covid, you know how many people actually get hospitalized from Covid?

0.89% that’s it. If you’re so fucking afraid then stay home and literally shut your fucking mouths about what we’re doing and its about time somebody said it, you don’t want us to tell you to stay home to stay safe but you’re fine telling us to stay home so you can be safe, half of you got vaccinated and still caught covid, go away now.



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  1. Anonymous says:

    Its not a vaccine its a bloody therapeutic.

  2. Anonymous says:

    Fuck covid, stupid scamdemic. Yeah there is a virus, not one worth losing out the last 2 years and the next 10 over.

  3. Anonymous says:

    People who have both shots are still getting sick & dying so good luck to the unvaccinated.

    • Anonymous says:

      Thanks, 621 days still going strong. Unvaccinated and un-ill.

      I usually go 3-4 years without catching a cold a got one in December of 2019, so I should be good.

      I might even last longer, with all this masking and social distancing not eating out in restaurants or sitting in packed theatres etc

    • FJB/FJT says:

      Lmao its been two fucking years dipshit. Been unvaccinated all the way through. By your logic we should all be dead ten times over. I musta killed hundreds of grannies by now. Its been endemic from the start. Two fucking years and people are still saying good luck to the unvaccinated lmao get a grip you smooth brained fucking fools. Don’t worry climate lockdowns “for your safety” are coming. Leftwing fucking retards. Just two weeks to flatten the curve…
      Just two shots…. How bout just two fucking years and nothing has changed ANYWHERE world wide no matter how minimal or how severe mandates were. Seasonal spikes happen at different times of year in different climates due to lack of vitamin d thats why rise in cases aren’t the same time world wide.

  4. Anonymous says:

    Half? According to government data 85% took smooth brain injections.

    flight 8201 just flew into the Soo from Pearson, guess what? All those vaccinated Flyers are spreading disease.

    Who are the disease spreaders? The vaccinated. No unvaccinated are flying around spreading disease.

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