Thoughts on uride? Pros? Cons? Is it cheaper than a taxi?



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  1. Never tried Uride, but tried Uber in Ottawa, honestly if we had that here I would give up driving. Let someone else deal with the dummies on the road and keep my blood pressure down. It was cheap too.

  2. Used it a few times … no issues, all the drivers have been amazing so far, cheaper than a taxi.

  3. My opinion is going to be biased because I drive for URIDE in my spare time. However, based on customer feedback and comparing with taxi service, so far we are providing a better experience at a cheaper rate. To compare rates, I had a fare going from downtown out to Lively, with three stops in Lively. The passenger told me a taxi cost him $65, with no extra stops. His fare with me was $57 and that included the 2 extra stops before his house. As for the better experience, I’ve used URIDE myself and I much prefer it over taxi. Judge for yourself though, download the URIDE app and try us out.

  4. Jane Pascoe Jane Pascoe says:

    I would feel comfortable f they were required to be commercially insured and had to follow the same rules as taxi companies as far as mechanical fitness, getting licenced by the municipality, etc.

  5. Joel Whipple Joel Whipple says:

    Please feel free to try it out folks! Sign up and use discount code “THANKYOUSUDBURY”, good for a $5 savings times five rides (so a total of $25 off!)

  6. I thought Sudbury has a bi-law against ride-sharing companies?

  7. I’ve used it twice now and both of the guys were amazing. Super quick to arrive and cheaper than a cab. A lot cleaner than a cab as well.


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