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Update on kal tire stud situation

An update from the recent kal tire studded tires post.

After talking to the right people i was kindly reimbursed for the job. This was done by their own doing, since it was before the heat of the social media post.

Just want to thank them for that and let people know there was no run around. They quickly took fault and action, no questions asked.



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  1. Ryan Clement Ryan Clement says:

    So what I’m seeing is you didn’t make an effort to rectify the situation before you whined on the internet like a tiny keyboard warrior. Try speaking to the business and look for a solution next time before you feel the need to try and drag someone through the mud.

  2. Neil Gorman Neil Gorman says:

    I used to work at kal and it’s all about word of mouth. Kal tire mostly advertises through word of mouth and therefore customer service is huge to them. Added bonus the money they save on advertising goes back to the employees in a way, long term employees (I think over a year employed) get profit share. They also promote from within before finding outside hires. Kal is super good to employees and customers.

  3. The damage has been done.

  4. Nancy Jones Nancy Jones says:

    Maybe next time dont bash them on social media and talk with them first!

  5. James Nash James Nash says:

    Id actually not be surprised that if the word of mouth from his post got him the refund. Customer service is shady these days and companies want to pass the blame for shitty workmanship. You end up fighting with people because no one really wants to admit they did a shitty job.

  6. James Nash James Nash says:

    Good job! By the sounds of the post yesterday with all the people saying you shouldnt get the problem fixed because its studding made me sad to realize you dont have to do a job well anymore.

  7. This could have been done without trying to be a social media whore. Just saying

  8. Sylvia Scott Sylvia Scott says:

    thanks I was thinking that also

  9. Jack Smith Jack Smith says:

    don’t be so quick to jump ship next time. always talk to management or district manager first

  10. Jay Brunette Jay Brunette says:

    nice Making good on a rant post is the right thing to do. Retract it or repost with update like you did. Good work. Its not fair to bash and run and if corrected to never mention it. Glad to hear. Kal is straight up business they run a tight ship awesome customer service, quality too, might just be a staff members first day or bad day that’s all .

  11. People are so quick to bash businesses and leave awful reviews… save the bs and go directly to the business you had an issue with, tell them you decided not to post a negative review and take it from there. Typically, any decent business owner would recognize this as a kind and respectful gesture and correct the issue(s) right away. If not… then by all means let it out on a post/review!

  12. Don Guay Don Guay says:

    Better hope Santa doesn’t have face book. Ho Ho Ho

  13. Jason Gaudet Jason Gaudet says:

    Maybe you should have tried that route before bashing the company on facebook

  14. Bill Rorison Bill Rorison says:

    squeaky wheel gets the grease

  15. Good to see.. maybe remove the original post, or add an update to it, as to say the same. I get people are quick to go off, especially with social media at the tip of our fingers.. but also important for people to think first, for people going forward.. What’s done is done here, but nice to see you putting this out there too. Takes a big person to admit being wrong. 🙂

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