Update about Christmas Parcels stolen

So today I dediced I wanted to put out some BAIT for the little theif that stole my 2 Xbox one’s the other day plus a few more smaller items.

I put out some stuff on my front steps to look like a delivery. Everything in these boxes and gift bag were completely empty.. there was absolutely nothing in it lol

And this little asshole punk actually came back today around 2 pm in the middle of the day and stole it all. I had a neighbor call me telling me someone just took stuff of my door step and was running away with it. Buy the time I got my shoes on and ran outside he was just turning the corner.. he does live where I live! Not sure who he is quite yet. But I am 100 percent determined to find out. This guy is a sad excuse of a human being to come back a second time let me tell you he’s brave!

I have a police report filed.

I have been in contact with dynamex they cannot do anything about it I have to go through Amazon.
I have a small description of the guy.

He was a tall white male. He was wearing a black Toronto Raptors coat with the big logo on the back of it.
And also has a goatee with facial hair as well. Dark brown/black!.

The police have been contacted my landlord to request video surveillance and I do hope this asshole gets caught.
Hope he’s happy with my kids xmas presents he stole.

I hope someone out there knows who did this. I’m sure I’m not the only one he’s has stolen parcels from.
Even the police officer has told me there has been about 8 reports in the last few days of people stealing parcels.

Again thanks for reading ♥️



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  1. Anonymous says:

    For stuff that doesn’t fit in the mailbox, you can have it shipped to a parcel pickup place (post office) and you can pick it up in person. Amazon is great at showing you the available places to sent it to

  2. ThatGuy says:

    Im glad you seen the guy, barely, but why would you bait a trap with no trap in place?

  3. Anonymous says:

    This is the funniest set up I`ve read or heard of in a while. I must admit I would`ve filled it with a neighbor`s dog`s turds. I wouldn`t bet on it though that he lives close by. Might be driving around, circling back and parking the car around a corner to not have the license plate picked up. Maybe. Maybe not. Maybe citing your street would alert neighbors to keep a watch, it being during day time hours and all. Flyers on street corners works too, to let people know what`s actively going on. Why not save another in the vicinity the same fate? And put his description down. Sounds like you have a good one. Good for you for being able to keep your Christmas spirit, for the sake of your family.

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