Unsolicited and misleading d**k pics

I’ve noticed a couple of posts regarding women who use filters on their photos…and how misleading that is. Fair enough, that could be rather disappointing. However, can I point out the elephant in the room? How about those dick pics gentlemen. The ones taken at the most flattering angles, framing and composition. Zoomed in to make your trouser snake look large and inviting. On the occasion that women do take you up on your offer (of a night of forbidden polka). The unzipping happens and we are faced with the true version of your tan banana… which is actually more like a sad gherkin. I want to file a missing person report for the d**ks I’ve come to love online. The same ones that were a very inaccurate representation of what’s happening down there. I’m sorry your date didn’t end up being a puppy dog, like the Snapchat filter disguised her to be. But some of us ladies are living Dorothy’s…discovering the “Great and powerful Oz” is just a small little man behind a curtain.



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  1. Jess Gray Jess Gray says:

    Catey Beckah Renée Emma

  2. I dost think the lady protests too much

  3. Alex Lische Alex Lische says:

    The ones that are offended are sending these nuclear dick pics. Busted!

  4. Omfg that was so funny
    Almost peed myself laughing

  5. John Brown John Brown says:

    I hope,…i never have the pleasure,…of listening to anyone whine about juvenile stuff like this. Womans breast size,…make up,…clothes, etc. Who cares. The thing i need to know,…want to know. Is if a woman is unmedicated,..why. And if a woman is medicated,..what are you taking,…and what for. So pictures of medicine cabinets,…night tables,…showing what one is on. Is a must.

  6. Julie Munro Julie Munro says:

    Hahaha this is on point

  7. Jen Bertrand Jen Bertrand says:

    I just hate when guys send me dick pics ….I never asked for any…but they go ahead and send them to me like wtf??? That’s disrespectful

  8. JP Perrier pretty much lol

  9. JP Perrier JP Perrier says:

    Rick OConnell Hot Dog down a hallway.

  10. JP Perrier JP Perrier says:

    It’s the same as push up bras. In the pic nice firm boobs. Takes of her bra and it tennis balls in panty hose.

  11. We don’t want your dick pics, that’s the thing

  12. This post just made my day! lol

  13. Neil Daggett Neil Daggett says:

    I’m done. I’m unfollowing this stupid page. This is one of the most ridiculous posts I have seen on here. Sensible, proper topics go imposter when this nonsense does.
    I’m out!

  14. Andrew Cote Andrew Cote says:

    William Cavanagh just the category you fell into haha ease up with the dick pics will ya lmao

  15. Lmao holly shit Shauna Pardy

  16. I love unsolicited duck pics. from any angle. please, slip duck pic’s into my dm’s any time. the younger the better.

  17. Isadora Sky I’m male and still found it utterly entertaining everyone is so fake now a days its unbearable

  18. Sounds like someone got dickfished.. that shit sucks..

  19. Britt Any Britt Any says:

    Kristina Moore im down! Lol

  20. Haha right let’s all make plans and go get drinks or some shit.

  21. Kaity Baker Kaity Baker says:

    Alysa Marie MaskBrittany LeducNikita StabnerJillian Lynn ElizabethChlöe Renaud

  22. Kaity Baker Kaity Baker says:

    fully enjoyed this post.

  23. If anyone got this picture from some dude claiming it was his junk… His full of shit..its my junk…

  24. Al Manion Al Manion says:

    Wait… Someone sent you an elephant dick pic?

  25. What she said. Seriously.

  26. Let’s just add I that you can not be sending the same one as your best friend or someone that is a mutual friend. We will know. Like hold up i seen this penis before. Not too many can wear a watch. Playing a game of guess who’s penis it is. Why y’all sharing your penis pics with other men to pass around. This is something I need to know

  27. Can there REALLY be that many degenerates out there that think it is fine to post a picture of their dick? What the hell is wrong with people today?!

  28. Well you lost all credibility when you said dick pics and gentlemen in the same sentence

  29. Scott Seguin Scott Seguin says:

    Maybe the issue is you can’t get them fully erect… Master your skill

  30. Happy Valentines Day!! enjoy !!

  31. Reba Twain Reba Twain says:

    Bahaha you win today. Best post of the day.

  32. Britt Any I think everyone enjoyed this post lol

  33. Large and inviting…..lmfao

  34. Zack Tryon Zack Tryon says:

    Guys actually send dick pics ? Thought it was a joke….wowza. Those fellas need some self respect .

    • Dawn Cronin Dawn Cronin says:

      Zack Tryon I’ve been with my husband for 8 years, haven’t been on any dating sites/apps since we met, and I still get random dick pics in messenger… it’s disturbing.

    • Bob Léger Bob Léger says:

      Im happy to say, I have never in my life ever sent a dick pic… Ppl taking pictures of their dicks are mentally deranged, probably deep down sexual deviants and sexual predators.

  35. I offer up my services free of charge to analyze and critique all of these dick pics. Send them over, boys. It’s gonna be a great Valentine’s Day.

  36. hahahaha, now that’s awesome! The op as an awesome sense of humor. Missing persons report. you made my day im still laughing.

  37. Pamela Shay Pamela Shay says:

    Now that’s funny lol

  38. Signed… butthurt filter queen

  39. Shawn says:

    You’re not the first woman to refer to my baby-maker as the elephant in the room.

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