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I don’t think a lot of mothers around here understand the concept of being a “good parent”. A lot of people think that because they have their child in their care, it makes them “mother of the year”.

Well let me tell you. Far too many people have their kids that should not. Far too many children are getting raised by these young and immature girls that spend their time beefing other people, getting hammered every other night and sitting around all day on a welfare cheque smoking their money away because “weed is legal” and there’s no possible way it is seen as an issue these days for someone to spend all day smoking it. What a child needs is a present parent (mother and father, which may be hard to come by in this city because most fathers are dead beat). A child doesn’t care what you buy them. They care about the love you give them and the time spent. Being a good parent means cutting out toxic people from your life and changing old behaviours in order to become the best mother and example you can be for that child. Everyone has a past, but when you continue to make poor choices not only does it affect your child, it takes away the privilege of calling yourself a good parent.

A lot of people can throw your past in your face, but once you turn your life around none of that matters because deep down you know you’re a good parent. Only you know the sacrifices and the things you do for your own child. So do better. Get off of your high horse because living in housing doesn’t make you the worlds best parent. Living off of government funds while you diss people on Facebook only shows what level you’re on. Just saying.



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  1. Anonymous says:

    My best friend is one of the best fathers I have ever witnessed, his wife is a better mother to his then the biological mother could ever hope to be. Not that she cares, but he offers a stable, safe, loving home. He is so protective of and dedicated to his family and wants nothing more then full custody. The mother has too much pride and spite to do whats best and doesn’t want to lose child support, spends virtually zero time and pawns the “burden” off on the flavour of the month, various sitters and family members and its tearing him and his families hearts apart piece by piece. Strangely all the blame is on him and he has been labelled a “deadbeat” dad. Him and his family took me in for a while when i was going through tough times and i witnessed first hand not a mention of mom or want to see her or go “home” when with dad, when away from dad all that is asked for is dad. Sounds like a terrible father lol. Such a sad world we live in, women and men out there if you claim that you have the childrens best interest in mind then please do what is right.

    • Anonymous says:

      Well I hate to say it but that is a very common scenario. I feel for your friend, I truly do. Happens way too often and the poor kids are the ones who suffer most.

  2. Anonymous says:

    “A child doesn’t care what you buy them” -yes they do, especially when they learn that having a lighter stronger stick in hockey allows you play and hit harder than other people, or that having a better bike means less injuries.

    “They care about the love you give them and the time spent.” – i dont disagree that these are important things but these things alone won’t put food on the table and you haven’t even explained how you give them love or make the quality time without money

    “Being a good parent means cutting out toxic people from your life and changing old behaviours in order to become the best mother and example you can be for that child. ” – this goes to fatherhood as well. theres no excuse for keeping toxic drug heads in your life especially around children

  3. Anonymous says:

    “most fathers are dead beat”

    uuuuh no. most mothers have the courts automatically side with them on custody issues and plethora of other things that make it nearly impossible for a lot of dads to even be dad’s.

  4. Anonymous says:

    They don’t have to be on the system or in housing, everything else described is bang on though. Just because you pulled a bunch of bullshit and have your child at the moment does not mean for one second you are a good mother. Most of these “mothers” are the reason for said “deadbeat” dads.

    • Anonymous says:

      Bullshit! You’re a deadbeat parent because you choose that life!

      • Anonymous says:

        Negative. Can’t control the lies the judge decides to believe when women have spiteful tantrums.

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