Twitter Phone Verification Issue

I’m wondering if any of you have any experience with getting locked out of Twitter, having to verify your phone number to unlock your account, and being unsuccessful for whatever reason.

I use Twitter for business reasons. I’ve opened three accounts, and have been randomly locked out of all three. In order to unlock my account, I have to verify my phone number. Unfortunately, I used the same number with an old account, and I don’t even remember which account. This is the only phone number I have, and text apps don’t work. I suppose I could ask someone I know if I could use their number, but I’m not nuts about having someone else’s number associated with my business account.

I contacted Twitter several times over the past couple weeks, and I haven’t received a response.

I’m assuming there isn’t much that could be done; I’m just curious if anyone else has run into the same problem. It’s not the end of the world, but Twitter has proven to be a good marketing tool for me, so it is a little frustrating.



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  1. Daniel North Daniel North says:

    Pretty much the same thing happened to me, I think because I followed too many people in one day, or something ridiculous like that? I never got an explanation.

    A lot of platforms and apps are using this phone verification system now. It’s supposed to be for safety reasons, but it’s fucking trash for people who get banned for unknown reasons. You pretty much have to use another phone number, which is not right.

    So yeah, fuck Twitter, Instagram, and all these shitty glitchy apps. Waste of time.

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