Truckers deny Manitoba – We gotta do something…

When rednecks of your country depends on imported bullshits from other side of the border.



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  1. say what says:

    I have one question for anyone involved in the mandate protests. Did you even take the 5 minutes necessary to vote in the last federal election ? No ? Yet you have days, weeks, even months, to whine about your perceived loss of freedoms. And you think you’re a good citizen? You’re not.

  2. Anonymous says:

    My god you folks are so sadly ill informed. Try reading, turn the tv and social media off. Go outside the box for a change. Theres a huge world out there with lots going on but all you will ever know is parroting left wing ideology. Did you know putin is attacking and flushing nazis? Did you know our deputy pm c freeland’s grand pappy was high up under hitler? Do you like that they are all part of the WEF? Do you like living brainwashed to the point of behaving in way that seems like prior to 2019 no transmissible virus existed? Ukraine is very corrupt.

  3. Hannibal says:

    God i cannot wait until this society further breaks down i have a hankering for liberal longpig

  4. Anonymous says:

    Rump calls Putin genius !?!? You still think he cares about you?? These guys are so brainwashed or brain dead they don’t realize they are spoiled children with 1st world problems. Easy times create weak men. Weak men create difficult times.

  5. Anonymous says:

    LOL also no where in the charter does it mention the right to free speech so put that in your pipe and smoke it really wish these hillbilly redneck would actually learn about Canada