Toxic people go bye bye

Have you ever made plans and last minute everyone turns you down, or better yet they tell you they will partake but then do not show up and do not have the courtesy to tell you they have changed their minds. Have you made plans with someone only for them to double book themselves and then cancel? Are you the type of person who drops what you are doing to drive 100 miles to see your friend but then get told by these same people you live too far or they don’t want to do what you were planning? Are you the type of person who says you will go visit this weekend but then never go?

There are loyal people and then there are people who only care about themselves. I’m tired of being disappointed, not for lack of trying, but because the other parties involved are flaky and unreliable. For years now I’ve been trying and now I’m just giving up. No longer am I making plans, inviting you and your little family over, no longer will I be dropping what I’m doing to go see you or help you out in any way shape or form.

I’m done being treated as worthless by people who are just users and abusers. People need to learn honor and integrity, even an ounce of loyalty couldn’t hurt. If you are one of these flaky people who say they will be there and then don’t show up don’t be surprised when I flip out on you and tell you off to your face. Don’t come crying on here about what kind of a$$hole I am.



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  1. Anonymous says:

    I litteraly can die anyday, (anyone can die at anytime I know, but doctors made it a point to tell me to take it easy until I get surgery) and I tried to organize an activity to see a bunch of friends, I ended up getting uninvited from my own plans when “friends” decided to make it a trip for themselves only because of my gender. Gee, talk about being taken for granted. I guess I’ll go die alone and with my last breath I curse the flaky fake people to an existence of misery.

  2. Anonymous says:

    Drinking and doing drugs is more important than human bonds. The worse part is how these people are so fake and think they are the only ones going through stuff and that gives them the excuse to be shitty and unreliable.

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