Toddler Party Ideas

My toddler has a birthday in October and it is usually too cold to be outside. We want to stay home as there will be some older family members and covid limitations make going out much less fun.

I have been looking around but does anyone have any ideas for entertainment? Something indoors that could entertain about a half dozen children under 5. Haven’t found any rentals that are age appropriate and I want something a bit different than your run of the mill party games and crafts. Any recommendations for local businesses or talent? Tried KUPP but our date was not available.



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  1. Anonymous says:

    Are you serious? and people wonder why the virus is still speading. Your child won’t even remember this party when it is older, so why put it and other children at risk for what is clearly a party more for yourself than the child? Clearly a selfish act in the least. How do you plan to keep the children entertained while maintaining social distancing? You do realize that masks do NOT take away from distancing. BOTH are suppose to be practiced….at least for the adults. and indoor is limited to 10 people. parents don’t even want to send their kids to school and yo want to hold a party for a child that won’t remember a thing about it? Shame on you! I hope your neighbors keep an eye open and report to the police if any regulations are broken! If people had obeyed the rules from the beginning and stipped making excuses to disobey the regulations, this would all be over by now, like in other countries..

    • Anonymous says:

      You are a hysterical idiot. It’s probably the same children they play with at daycare or school. As for the adult family members its really none of your business and everyones time in earth is limited so they would rather “risk” this farce to be with family and i don’t blame them one bit.

      • Anonymous says:

        Right??? I’m so sick of this over played bullshit and the dramatic karens that come with it. It’s a cold just like any other virus it affects weaker immune systems. It’s time to move on with life.

    • Anonymous says:

      If you cleaned the sand out of your lady bits you might not be so miserable all the time. It’s crazy how much chapped lips affects ones moods.

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