To the panhandlers of sudbury

To the drug addicts who sit at major intersections of Sudbury. I hope you all realize this is a huge ring of solicitation.

If you pay enough attention you’ll notice they get dropped off around the corners in decent cars, most of these guys take home more than you and I a day. In particular the one woman who thinks it’s okay to put her sign on people’s windows scream and throw fits when we don’t give her money, shake your head a few times get a life and stop begging.

The true homeless of Sudbury don’t sit and beg. We should be helping the true homeless and not these stupid panhandlers. It goes to drugs, and to the old man with the hunchback. He’s the leader in all of this!!! Police should be doing something to stop this before they start opening car doors of the elderly for Christ sakes!!



3 Responses

  1. Anonymous says:

    these stupid fucks are dressed better and eat better than most of us full time employees and than get mommy to drop them off on the corner in her bmw to leave with 3-500$ after a few hours of crying on a corner. stop feeding them

  2. Brock says:

    The police should fine the people that “donate” to the panhandlers. The fine money could go to assisting the people that really need it. No one loses in this situation. The people that donate, get to donate more, and the people that really can use it, get it, finally it will save tax dollars as it will establish a fund without taxing us for it.

  3. pmlaberge says:

    Even worse, this takes place in full public view, and at public buildings. Moreover, they pay zero income tax on this income, while you and I are taxed to the hilt.

    Some, at the same time, collect welfare, or oDSP, or even CERB!

    Maybe we should all work for cash!