To the left lane speed demons

To all the left lane speed demons I dont care how much you ride my ass im driving slow ish in the left lane.

The right lane is full of huge potholes, as well as the left but they are so much worse on the right. I dont care if you are now one minute later arriving at your destination. Until these roads are fixed my slow ass will be dodging and weaving around the potholes in the left lane.

Go around into the right lane just like the car the other day who got angry and passed aggressively into the right lane & ended up blowing a tire… Oops. Thats why im in the left lane. You wont die getting to the destination 1 minute later. We usually end up at the same light anyway.



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  1. Dale Belfitt Dale Belfitt says:

    Speed limits are speed limits!

  2. I fucking hate your cunt ass and wish nothing but bad things for you and your family

  3. Wyatt Smith Wyatt Smith says:

    It’s Literally the law that it’s the passing lane you fucking dipshit

  4. Chad David Chad David says:

    I agree on passing lane on the left but when ur in the passing lane doing a probably around a 100 km an hour not just to pass but continue to drive that speed that’s not passing that’s speeding.

    • Chad David it don’t fucking matter.. slower traffic stay right… it’s nothing about speed limit.
      You are the problem with today’s roads.
      I hope you crash, car catches fire and cannot get out.

  5. If i ever see this person on the road i am gonna be an asshat and drive next to a vehicle in the other lane at the same speed as them, and especially fucking tailgaters OMG i am even worse of an asshole then especially on a 4 lane highway, Nobody is riding my ass for free LOL! But i do agree the roads in Sudz suck major ass and i would rather drive in the left lane until the potholes go away, but i hate those swervers that try to avoid a pothole and quickly swerve partially into the lane we are driving in. Sorry for the rant please resume regularly scheduled programming.

  6. The faster you go
    The smootherthe ride

  7. Yes, the right lane has bigger potholes, so I don’t care, I’m driving in the left lane until the roads are fixed. Guess they will never be fixed.

    • Irene Sacchetto you must be the retarded poster who drives side by side someone for an hour holding back traffic.
      I hope the worst for you and your family.

    • Cole Calpstone You must be a very sick person to wish the worst for me and my family. So sorry that you have such hate for the world. Calm down, I usually drive 10 kilometers over speed limit, if you need to go faster, too bad.

  8. Joel Caron Joel Caron says:

    I have bad news… emergency vehicles exist so ya you’re gonna have to at some point

  9. Tracy Scott Tracy Scott says:

    OP is clearly suffering entitlement issues, much like most drivers in this town. It’s all about “me” and screw every one else.

  10. Chelsea M. Jodouin we rule breakers booboo
    You know it
    We riding the fast lane all theee timeeee

  11. Fox Kwe Fox Kwe says:

    Safety 1st. will deny any claims anyways…plan accordingly

  12. Driving in the right lane except to pass is actually a rule so that if an emergency vehicle is approaching it is easier for everyone to move over. Yes the potholes are terrible but you need to go faster than the other lane then. The two lanes should never be moving at the same speed. Didn’t anyone else go to drivers ed?

  13. Susan Richer Susan Richer says:

    If you refuse to do the speed limit and like to drive slow then get the hell out of the left lane !

  14. Anyone who is disagreeing with the op is an idiot!! Go ahead and blow a tire, I’ll be “driving based on road conditions” until they fix the damn potholes!!

  15. Kim Willis Kim Willis says:

    Well I see someone feels more entitled than everyone else…

  16. Dear ignorant driver who shouldnt be allowed to have a license. You entitled brat, just because you dont want to drive in the right lane doesnt give you automatic permission to break the law. The left lane should be used for passing or turning. If I see you on the road being “slow” I will pass you and then slam on my breaks so you rear end me causing you to have an insurance claim.

  17. Gary Schuran Gary Schuran says:

    There’s a bigger pot hole between your ears.

  18. How about be courteous and fuckin move over like you’re suppose to, then switch back. The if ora CE of some people blows my mind.

  19. Steve Moore Steve Moore says:

    People……speed is not even a factor……DRIVE IN THE RIGHT LANE. THE LEFT LANE IS FOR PASSING. If your not passing stay in the right lane….pretty freakin simple!

  20. I find this funny, everyone has an opinion about obeying the road laws about left lane rules…but then they contradict themselves by breaking the road rules anyway??? Just so we are clear, cutting people off, slamming your brakes in front of the person who is in the left lane…these are also not legal!

  21. So true. People drive like animals and end up stopped at the same flipping light!

  22. I cant understand how so many of you got drivers licenses. Theres NO slow or fast lane period, 2 lanes in the city is for traffic volume. Passing lanes are on highways only and theyre not an excuse to speed. See that sign telling you how fast you can safely go applies to the entire road.

  23. Mat Decata Mat Decata says:

    That’s fine don’t be pissed when I cut you off !!

  24. Steve Moore Steve Moore says:

    Then stay off the road!!!

  25. The roads are horrible on both sides get over yourself and drive properly. You should be complaining to the city not social media

  26. Mark Douglis Mark Douglis says:

    You’re an idiot.. high beams for you.

  27. You do realize the “left” lane is called the passing lane for a reason

  28. Bobbie-Lee B Bobbie-Lee B says:

    Just don’t drive right beside someone in the right lane so no one at all can pass you! That pisses me off!

  29. Everyone knows cops wont pull u over if u less then 10 over

  30. Great point. I completely agree!

  31. Don’t be mad if you cause a accident than

  32. Remember speed limit signs state MAXIMUM speed limit

  33. Get the fack outta the right lane… btw… a yellow light means speed up.. Not slow down n stop idiot …( kidding 🙂 )

  34. Luc Pilon Luc Pilon says:

    I’ll pass your ass before u even see me in your rear view ya pansy. If your driving the same speed as the guy next to you and your holding up traffic I’ll hold my horn till u get the fuck out the way lol

  35. Peter Wasney Peter Wasney says:

    OP is obviously a douche bag lol

  36. Why do you all assume he’s driving under the speed limit…he said slowish…for all you speed demons, driving the speed limit in Sudbury is going to slow

    • Estelle Corriveau even if you are driving 90 in a 80 in the left lane it is still the law for slower traffic to keep right!!!! It says nothing about the speed limit you regarded moist cunt

  37. people like the OP have no business holding license, driving slower than the speed limit in the left lane is hazardous to everyone else on the road. If you cannot follow basic rules of the road then maybe you should not own a vehicle at all. wear and tear is part of owning a vehicle so suck it up and get back the the turtle lane where you belong. self entitled people are the only people with enough audacity to think they are within their rights to drive slow in the fast lane.

  38. Not really sure how to go unfuck yourself, but please Google and proceed to follow the instructions. Kthanx

  39. Delmo Gotti Delmo Gotti says:

    I can’t stand someone who rides my ass, passes me like a mad person then has to stop at the red light in front of me . Thoes people burn my Ass

    • Delmo Gotti you realize they are only at the same light cause u slowed them down. If you would have moved over like you are supposed too. 100% they would have made the light. Too often stuck behind somebody who doesnt move over. Pass them on the right. Only to miss the green by that 20 seconds your slow ass slowed the traffic. Just fucking move to the right lane and let them pass.

    • Delmo Gotti Delmo Gotti says:

      James see that’s where you were wrong see I was in the right lane and I might have been doing 70 in a 60 that’s what pisses me off

    • So. Somebody was riding your ass in the right lane. Moved over into the passing lane to pass you when he could. And then in turn probably got slowed down by somebody not going the speed limit in the fast lane. And met up at the lights? Wow if somebody following the law pisses you off..I wonder what would happen if somebody broke it..

    • And why does it bother you that he is going faster than you. Are you jealous?

    • Delmo Gotti Delmo Gotti says:

      James Laforest still I’m doing 70 in a 60 and the jack ass has to drive like a weed walker to get to the same red light 9 times out of 10 the ass who is driving like this with the way the roads are in Sudbury we end up at the same light

    • Delmo Gotti Delmo Gotti says:

      James Laforest
      I’m not jealous of anyone I just can’t understand why people drive well over the speed limit to get to the same red light

    • Delmo Gotti like I said. The only reason you end up at the same light is because another idiot is in the fast lane acting all entitled and driving under the speed limit. If everybody drove like they were supposed too. There would be no traffic. People would be driving 70-80 in the fast lane. And then those driving 50-60 in the slow lane. Boom constant flow of traffic.

    • Delmo Gotti Delmo Gotti says:

      see that’s where your wrong if I’m doing 70 in a 50 and the car in the left lane is doing 70.5 in the left lane then the jack ass behind him is intending to drive 71 so slow the fuck down Idiot

  40. Funny how so many responses say ‘keep right unless you’re passing’ when so many people drive in the left lane here. It doesn’t matter how fast you drive either, you will always be too slow for some idiots.

    • Nicole Dionne yeah because everybody in the left lane are passing the slow drivers in the right lane. Well trying too. Until they come up to slow ass drivers like yourself. If somebody is on your ass. Follow the law and move right to let them pass.

    • Eric Forest Eric Forest says:

      You can be doing 10 over the speed limit in the left lane and people will still think your going to slow and pass you. so who is breaking the law now when you have to pass at 10+ Kmh over the speed limit. the fact is there is always people that are late for work and cant figure out how to leave a bit sooner for work.

    • Crissy JD Crissy JD says:

      Nicole Dionne then move over and let them pass. won’t kill ya lol

    • No, but it might kill someone else. So many impatient people doing way over the speed limit. I don’t drive slow or drive in the left lane but I have seen a lot of people doing well over the speed limit. If you’re trying to pass someone doing the speed limit or 10 over then no I don’t think you have the right to pass you’re just an ass and a bad driver! There isn’t always a lane to pass when someone is driving like this either. Driving is not a right it’s a privilege and if you’re speeding and passing like an idiot then I hope you get caught.

    • James Laforest do us all a favor and take the bus!

    • Nicole Dionne no,
      There are just to many retarded drivers like you.
      Fucking obvious cunt

  41. Daniel Enous Daniel Enous says:

    fucking boomers and old people, die already you stain on this earth

  42. Rara Paul Rara Paul says:

    Aren’t we all supposed to be going the posted speed anyway? Unless otherwise posted the speed limit in Sudbury is 50. So, really no one should be passing in the left lane if we’re all going the posted speed. Unless they need to get in the lane to turn left, even then, why speed?

  43. I already suffered two flat tires, so yes I am driving slow in the left lane.
    And the truck driver who road raged me on Martindale Rd. tonight, have a great night and please don’t cause any accidents,swerving all over the road.

  44. I’m driving where it is safest for my son, myself and my car. I don’t care who likes it or who doesn’t, or who rides up to my bumper.

  45. Actually, a minute later COULD be death.. Not all emergencies end up being transported by EMS.. Regardless it might be 1 in a million chance that’s what is behind you, blocking in and forcing an unsafe pass is being a dick!

  46. Connor Green Connor Green says:

    Drive the speed limit or get off the road. It’s that easy. Slower traffic keep to the right. If you’re driving that slow you will have no problem missing the potholes.

  47. The OP is a dick but there is no point in fighting each other on this matter, it’s time the city starts providing solutions for the bullshit. Fix the roads properly the first time. This pothole patrol bullshit obviously isn’t working. Insanity.

  48. Moe Lalonde Moe Lalonde says:

    I do the same! Wanna pass go right.. Try to move my F350 lol I do 10 over if possible lol.

  49. Sammie RRose Sammie RRose says:

    OP is the type of person that clearly likes to antagonise other drivers by going 70 in the 80 left lane and when the person goes to pass them they speed up to drive same rate as passing vehicle because they are pissed off or insulted that said vehicle is deciding to pass their slow add rather then ride their slow ass.

    • Sammie RRose I see this everyday in my ride to work from coniston in the morning. The ride home is always painful!!!

    • It’s like they don’t realize driving slow is just as dangerous as well. Especially 10 or more under the limit.

    • Samuel J. Cayen-Béchamp or maintaining the speed of the other car on the right….

    • Samuel J. Cayen-Béchamp or maintaining the speed of the other car on the right….

    • Its a proven fact that slow drivers are more dangerous than someone speeding! Reason someone speeding will zig zag in and out between slower drivers causing a very dangerous situation….instead of being the police move over let them pass and let the police do the policing! If they don’t get caught oh well hopefully everyone got home safe!

    • The left lane also has a large amount of potholes…so either way I’m not driving super fast & if that upsets someone so be it.

    • I drive from Chelmsford to town everyday a few times a day and it’s horrible! Today one car was going 65-70 through Azilda then hit the 2 lane and goes 100? You can tell some are just jerks!

    • Sammie RRose very true! Well said! It’s also called being considerate, or thinking about others…

    • Sammie RRose Sammie RRose says:

      Brad Courchesne that’s how it should be. Your not the only one on the road. We share a road and it’s a privivledge to drive so let’s just be respectful of other drivers and all should run smoothly. As mentioned again I drove the highway today and someone wanted to go faster then me. As i pulled to the right side to give them time to pass.. They just decided they would drive along side of me which can tend to be annoying for me because most like to stay in your blind spots. This was the situation I dealt with today. And I chose to slow down a bit because if a police officer were driving by it would almost seem as though we were trying to race and I hate that feeling of having someone ride in my blind spot.

  50. No one cares about your car. Keep right even tho there is potholes and not single person will care if your tires get blown..go slow. Kinda common sense is it not?

  51. Eric Boucher Eric Boucher says:

    Everyone around sudbury should have to do a driver’s test right now. You fail? Sorry! I agree with the post and pot holes! It’s pretty bad! It’s not good!

  52. We should just repaint all the lines on the roads so they go around all the potholes and everybody can follow the lines that way and we don’t have to spend all this money on fixing the pothole

  53. Joel Whipple Joel Whipple says:

    I love all the sanctimonious left-lane hogs. Usually the best excuse they can reasonably come up with is that “I’m already doing the speed limit” (even though the HTA ***specifically*** says that’s not a justification).

    Hey, did you know by law an ambulance or fire truck isn’t to exceed the speed limit either? Imagine on your ride (or a loved one’s) into the hospital you get the smug, self-righteous ambulance driver who treats your massive stroke/heart attack as “no big rush”. It won’t matter because he’ll be slowly puttering down the road, making full and complete stops at EVERY light and stop sign. Might die on the way in, but the paramedic will bask in the joy that he fully complied with the Highway Traffic Act. Your life just happened to be collateral.

    I can already hear the keyboards brewing hate messages off in the distance. Hey you self-entitled pricks: It’s not just about you, or the guy behind you, it might someone’s life on the line. Move. Over.

    • Brian Weight Brian Weight says:

      Joel Whipple Fire department vehicles and police vehicles

      (13) The speed limits prescribed under this section or any regulation or by-law passed under this section do not apply to,

      (a) a fire department vehicle while proceeding to a fire or responding to, but not returning from, a fire alarm or other emergency call;

      (b) a police department vehicle being used in the lawful performance of a police officer’s duties; or

      (c) an ambulance while responding to an emergency call or being used to transport a patient or injured person in an emergency situation. R.S.O. 1990, c. H.8, s. 128 (13); 2009, c. 5, s. 40.

    • Joel Whipple Joel Whipple says:

      Won’t matter if he’s following a fifty-car line-up of cars following some self-righteous driver.

    • Joel Whipple Joel Whipple says:

      Won’t matter if he’s following a fifty-car line-up of cars following some self-righteous driver.

    • Brian Weight Brian Weight says:

      Get over yourself man… you go all self-righteous over this, spewing false information regarding emergency vehicles like you know what you’re talking about.. as for the left lane…

      Slow vehicles to travel on right side

      147 (1) Any vehicle travelling upon a roadway at less than the normal speed of traffic at that time and place shall, where practicable, be driven in the right-hand lane then available for traffic or as close as practicable to the right hand curb or edge of the roadway. R.S.O. 1990, c. H.8, s. 147 (1).

      You will undoubtedly say, travelling less than normal speed being the issue… however, where does it EVER say travelling normal speed is ever more than the posted speed limit? If someone is doing the speed limit in the left lane, they are NOT breaking the law in Ontario.

    • Joel Whipple I would like to know if the Highway Traffic Act applies to roads inside the city limits. Within city limits why should I have to move over to the right lane if I am travelling the speed limit?

    • Brian Weight Brian Weight says:

      Technically, yes Susan Presenza. The highway traffic act covers all roads, both highways and municipal. What people fail to realize is the speed limit is the same for both lanes. Doesn’t matter if you want to pass someone, you’re still supposed to pass without going over the speed limit.

      In essence, all these people crying foul over left hand lane drivers are usually the ones doing more than the speed limit, thus breaking the law, but are pissed because the people in the left lane are not going fast enough or are in their way, but seemingly “breaking the law.”

    • Joel Whipple the OP specifically said that they would be purposefully driving slow in the left lane.
      I think you are right everyone should abide by the laws of the roads, but people have a right to be upset with someone whom is going slow/under limits on purpose in the left lane which is to be used for passing.
      I’m just suggesting that people who are going slow (under limit) need to move over into the right lane as that too is the law.

    • Joel Whipple Joel Whipple says:

      Kierstyn McEwen yes I agree. It’s basic courtesy. How that concept is lost on so many is unbelievable.

  54. All these Facebook law experts….lol

  55. Honestly I don’t know how people can even tell left lane right lane there’s pretty much only one road left

  56. See you in Hell @OP lol

  57. Shawn Hollis Shawn Hollis says:

    I hate people that drive in the left lane

    • I’m in the left lane too … my vehicle is my investment. I don’t care that you need to speed. Big truck same thing . Saving lives and not splashing pedestrians. So leave early and relax in your drive. If not too bad pull me over we can rectify the situation….

    • Clem Bigras Jr. amen!!!!

    • Trebor Gladu Trebor Gladu says:

      Agreed… Not sure how anyone can speed in that town anyway… No wonder so many of you are blowing out tires. Take your time… Manoeuvre around the craters… Save yourself a few hundred in damages.

    • Joel Whipple Joel Whipple says:

      Clem Bigras Jr. can’t afford the repairs, stay out of the business.

    • Joel Whipple very intelligent answer !!! Don’t worry about what I can and can’t afford. I’m not putting myself or anyone else at risk

    • Joel Whipple Joel Whipple says:

      Actually you are. You could reasonably slow down by a pothole or puddle (wow, what a concept!) Your vehicle has the largest wheels and best-designed suspension for dealing with poor roads. But the truth is, you’re just selfish. You think you own the road. And then probably go crying to your wife at night how people don’t respect trucks. Ignoring the fact that you taking off at a stop light can consume an entire traffic signal (because you have an entitlement mentality to other people’s time). I hope your employer/contractor reads this and fires you. Us true professionals don’t need clowns like you sharing the title of “commercial driver”. I respect others’ time, give it a try. You might just find a significant decrease in people driving like ***holes around you.

    • Joel Whipple come spend a day with me before shooting of your mouth. Like I said I dont care that you need to be in a hurry. Simple as that when you get behind me come around pull me over we can look after it then.

    • I cry to my wife cause I’m sensitive… lol. She has to drive in the curb lane all day . Wrecking the vehicle you an all other taxpayers spend money on. Lanes are not even adequate for width of a commercial vehicle dam near taking out vehicles in the left lane. But hey you road bandits own the road… lol . Just clueless… 4 wheelers …

    • Joel Whipple Joel Whipple says:

      Nice try buddy. I ride a rig as wide as yours. Yes, there were certain sections for a few weeks that were not wide enough. It’s long past that point now, and regardless, if you’re LOOKING AHEAD, you can see the lanes getting narrow, and anticipate a pass to the left, then back to the right.
      Where’d you get your license, a cracker-jack box?

    • You do it your way I’ll do it my way !!

  58. Stupid excuse considering it’s dangerous as hell making people pass on the right, ESPECIALLY considering all the pot holes…..
    and well it’s the law to keep right except when passing…………..

  59. Keep right except to pass, it’s the law lol

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