To the happy signature signing theif on MELVIN….

Here’s a BIG middle finger holiday salute to you!!! at a specific Melvin Apartment Building.

I know you signed for my parcels( because they were accidentally brought to your address and required a signature and the delivery woman realized her mistake after I had to call them since it said my package was delivered and I received nothing!), Think you were lucky getting free stuff right???

Do you even know WHAT the contents of those two packages are used for and what place I was donating them to?
No…you don’t. You just thought it was free stuff for you to probably sell as it will not serve you any good.

Here are the facts buddy.
The contents of those packages were going to be distributed between NEO kids here in Sudbury and the Cancer Center.

Now do the contents of those packages start making sense? It should.
You just stole valuable learning tools for those whom need it, and a donation that they never get to use there because funding is so undercut they won’t purchase them because of the cost.
Does this make you feel proud in some way to literally steal something from Cancer patients that deserve these tools?

Just do the right thing and bring them to the NEO kids centre so it can be distributed properly. It was my gift to them…but you can take all the credit if you do what’s right and bring the stuff to them. Too coward after being so brave as to steal by signing for something that wasn’t really mine because I was donating it and you got them fraudulently??

Well if that’s the case , then drop them off at MY address, since you are a block away and you know where I live. I ask that you please put them in plastic bags since I highly doubt you have the boxes in which the contents came in.
I’ll give you until Sunday evening to make the right decision, if you don’t , then yes I will proceed with a police investigation and teach you that your theft was wrong.

Until Sunday, I don’t want your apology, and no excuses..drop them off to me or NEO kids. Just for the love of doing what’s right and proper….



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  1. I loathe haters says:

    I hate old ppl and boomers haters.
    Karma will be a biotch. You’re aging every day. ha ha ha

  2. Anonymous says:

    Canadian Whisky with maple syrup and coca cola might work well to reel in the holiday salute. Don`t get yourself a coronary over it.

  3. i hate boomers says:

    ok boomer

  4. i hate old ppl says:

    ok karen

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