To the guy mentioning chasing money over women

Here’s the thing, if you chase a woman properly and make her feel like you’re really excited over her and being with her, she’ll be putty in your hands.

That said, if you act too casual like you could take her or leave her, have zero influx in personality and energy when you speak to her, are constantly ho-hum one monotonous tone, good luck trying to corall her in to your life. Why would a woman want a man who doesn’t make her feel like she’s the only woman in the world. Especially when she kmows her worth. Why would a woman who’s happy, energetic and full of life want to spend her hard earned spare time with a guy who can’t see she’s spending her hard earned time with him and him only.

So to the person who posted about chasing women, I highly doubt you put any effort into actually fostering a relationship with her. it fizzled super quick.. getting her to fall for you isn’t that hard if your happy, energetic and sincere. And believe me women might seem like airhead to most men, but they know and see much more than they let on. And if yiur vibe is non chalant about them you’ll lose them. Be nice. Be kind and most of all be happy when they are with you. And show rhem you like them. Not just when you want sex.



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