To the girl who thinks its okay to trespass on King St….

To the girl (name-removed with no last name because she is too privliedged to give it out) who thinks its okay tresspass on people’s property…. fuck you

was cleaning my bike before going inside my apartment outside my apartment door. as you may or may not know king st homes have gaps in between them that renters/homeowners use for their own purposes.

everyday though at my particular building countless people cross through they property (i have found needles out there) because they think no one is there, and usually there isnt. but this one time i was there and seeing someone just walk towards me like that scared me and made me wonder if they were here for me or the people i share a building with.

name-removed was an overweight woman and i told her to her face its private property and this bitch had the audacity to look me straight in the eye and say “well i think it is private property” hinting that the city made a walkway there.

what an uptight prvlidged bitch. i do that walkway for free for my landlord for myself and the people i share the building with its. its not a public walkway. fuck off.

oh yeah, and she threatened, while on my property trespassing, to call the police and all that jazz.

this town is so full of losers(i might be one of them) i dont even know where to begin.



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  1. Anonymous says:

    Way too many drunken druggie degenerate in this town

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