To the fringe liberal minority

It’s the cancelled surgery’s.

It’s the family and friends we haven’t been allowed to see. The elderly parents passing away alone.

It’s the funerals of loved ones we haven’t been allowed to attend, and the limit to how many can celebrate their death or even attend at all.

It’s the kids cancelled birthday parties. The 2+ year olds that have never had a birthday party yet, nor attended one.

It’s the sharp decline in mental health. Because the worst thing for depression is being lonely.

It’s the cancelled vacations, work trips, festivals, concerts, parties, reunions, and weddings.

It’s telling us how many people are allowed to attend our weddings.

It’s masking our children while they sit in class, run during gym, and play outside.

It’s having to choose between a vaccine that’s given your neighbour heart problems, or your mother Bell’s Palsy or losing your job.

It’s our health care workers, our hero’s, losing their jobs. Our public servants losing their jobs.

It’s the parents that have been forced to leave work to homeschooling their kids.

It’s missing work and defaulting on mortgages and bills.

It’s creating it to be so easy to choose to stay home instead of work and being rewarded with “free” money.

It’s that money, that “free” money that we’re all going to have to pay back through taxes eventually.

It’s the isolation, the separation.

It’s telling us how many can come over for Christmas.

It’s the hours spent listening to our government officials dictate every inch of our lives.

It’s the fear mongering that’s been instilled upon us by our leaders and every single news outlet.

It’s the vacationers that have been stranded on cruise ships, resorts and in airports.

It’s been the excuse for nearly every single business to jack it’s prices up, “because Covid”.

It’s the reason many were no longer able to build their dream homes, or move provinces away to their newly bought homes.

It’s the dads not being able to be present for their unborn babies ultrasound.

It’s the mothers giving birth and being told both our husbands and mother can’t be there unless both vaccinated, yet an unvaccinated doula can be.

It’s the hugs we’ve missed out on.

It’s the pro sports cancelled. Kids sports cancelled. Gym classes cancelled. Rec classes cancelled. Competitions cancelled. Hair appointment cancelled. Photography sessions cancelled. Everything. Cancelled.

It’s not being able to take your kid to their hockey game.

It’s the 10 year old that’s choosing a needle in her arm just so she can attend her dance competition.

It’s trying to explain to our 2 year olds who are now 4 year olds why they have to wear a mask.

It’s the burnt out teachers. Burnt out doctors. Burnt out nurses. Burnt out fast food workers. Burnt out moms. Burnt out grocery workers. Burnt out gas station attendants.

It’s the constant contradiction and changing of rules. Our leaders, now dictators. Dividing us. Separating us even more.

I could go on, and on, and on.

But it’s really been our freedom that’s been impacted the most. The freedom of choice.

So whether you agree with this Convoy or not, I think the majority of us are ready to have that back now please.

This is why I stand with the truckers.

#freedomconvoy2022 #unity #freecanada #freetheworld #freedom



12 Responses

  1. Anonymous says:

    Look at the obits every few dies and notice how many between 20 and 60 “ family is sad to announce sudden/unexpected passing”… it usually ends with “donations can be made to heart and stroke foundation”.

  2. Anonymous says:

    Sheep need to be fed information. Wolves hunt for it.

  3. Anonymous says:

    Cbc or ctv? Clearly you aren’t following anywhere else. I rather enjoy all the parroting from people who aren’t and haven’t been there. Slowly but surely more and more people are waking up and realizing these fine folks are protesting to protect EVERYONE from government overreach. I love when fat people tell me to get the shot or I don’t deserve medical treatment! Hey tubby have you looked in the mirror I bet you use the medical services my tax dollars go towards more then myself or my entire family ever will. Or the internet troll who doesn’t leave their home and my tax dollars pay for them to sit and home on welfare and troll tells me that I had a choice get the vax or lose my job. News flash thats not a choice that is being forced. Or the people that use a liberal poll of 15000 people screaming we are the majority. No chindip you are just the majority of your far left poll. When this is all said and done you all still have the choice to stay home, wear your mask, take as many shots as you want, stay on welfare, stay fat and take advantage of our healthcare system, continue to troll because you serve no other purpose in life and live by your libtard polls on news sites that only allow left opinions. For those of us who have been forced to make a choice will continue to grind along to provide for our families.

  4. Anonymous says:

    Looks like companies are starting to recall their company vehicles because businesses don’t support the convoy or its nefarious goals and their company vehicles were brought their without the business owners knowledge. Was only a matter of time

  5. Anonymous says:

    They won with a minority, in a snap election during a pandemic that allowed mail in voting. He won with 28%, now only 66% or registered voters, voted therefore it gives sockboy and the libs a whopping 18%. And on top of that the cons got more votes in total. Nothing to be proud of bud. You guys really are the minority. If it wasn’t for Jimmy Dhaliwal (jagmeets real name) the libs would be screwed.

  6. Anonymous says:

    Good luck trying to convince a libtard about anything. They are beyond hope.

  7. Fernand says:

    Here Here! Bloody Right Mate!

  8. S.H. says:

    Ahem!!! That “so called” Fringe Liberal Minority defeated all other parties and put Trudeau back in power. Your reference is moot!!! Ha ha ha ha!

  9. Anonymous says:

    My grandmother denied the residential schools. Even as they unburied thousands of children. She said never existed, gov would have done something.

  10. Anonymous says:

    Blow it up your backside this so-called protest is nothing but a bunch of degenerate racist losers who would rather desecrate War monuments and fly the Nazi flag then actually do work to support their families because of their selfish beliefs

  11. Anonymous says:

    Challenges to Workplace Vaccine Mandates Being Tossed Out, Legal Experts Say

  12. Anonymous says:

    The truckers in the pointless convoy are the ones that are going to lengthen the entire process of getting back to some form of normal life