To the dink with the dog on Selkirk trail last night around 1030-1040pm on the 2nd.

Yup. My arm is broken.
Who the hell walks on a path in the pitch black of night with no light or reflective gear? I didn’t see him until my headlight (scooter) shined on him and I had to bail off the side of the trail to avoid hitting his dog.
He had the audacity to tell me I was riding too fast (wasn’t even doing 30, straight path) AND HE JUST WALKED OFF, LEAVING ME MANGLED ON THE GROUND IN A POOL OF BLOOD. Didn’t ask if I was okay, didn’t offer to call 911 or get help, he just noped and ran away like I was the one in the wrong. Coward.

I could care less about him, but had I have hit his dog it would have killed me inside.
Please please PLEASE wear reflective gear and/or carry a light if you’re going to walk Sudburies trails at night.



2 Responses

  1. Nickers says:

    These mopeds are a gray area for people learning to live with them (as are electric bikes), but the rules are if it has a motor it should be used on the road, not a sidewalk or a back road. Make sure to read up on the government rules of use to make sure you are protected – if you are using your motorized vehicle illegally, even if you suffer a serious accident and are not at fault – you may be liable regardless

  2. deeds02 says:

    OP, you must be retarded, pedestrians are not required to wear reflective gear. You should be happy he did not file a lawsuit. What the hell were you doing on a motor vehicle at night on a pedestrian trail anyway?! USE THE ROAD! wow

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