To the angry woman still going on anonymous sites ranting and fighting…

There is a woman who hates me, she knows who she is and I’ve recently removed her from our life. Usually she carries on with her angry bitter position, but every now and then she for some reason goes on a rant spree of how much she hates me even though I’ve been out of her life for sometime now.

Hey I get it. You hate me. Ok. So why keep taking about me when u don’t even see or hear from me. why call me a coward? Because I don’t fight because I’m too busy being a mother at the moment. ? How Does this make me a coward? Can anyone pls tell me why someone I don’t even have in my life keeps coming to anonymous sites and telling me off when we don’t even have anything to do with one another and we aren’t even blood relatives ? What is wrong with this picture. I feel like I might be on her mind a bit too much and it’s a uite frightening.

Lady, you’re the one who’s been a daily alcoholic for the last 10 years, ruined your own outlook and chances for any positive beauty fun in life, I haven’t spoken, thought or even seen a peep about you in a year, and yet here you go on another rampage about me when I haven’t done anything to you. The last I saw you I was 5 seconds away from calling police for your abusive tantrum you pulled right in front of family and kids because you were jonsing for your poison, you were in the wrong, & refused to admit that what you did was awful. Enough. Please get me out of your mind. You’re only ruining your own life.

You refuse to get help for your admitted psychological craziness and adult problems. You pick fights in public with complete strangers because you feel like “punching out a skinny bitch” for no reason at all. I never stepped on your toes the way you do to everyone. I was able to deal with my own problems, control my own alcohol triggers I learned to control my consumption and im able to behave in public. even though I’m far from perfect I still do my best for my family and I stay in my lane. You have problems inserting your abusive misdirected anger where you have no business inserting yourself and it need to stop. I know you’ve said many times children need to know the truth etc etc, but Children can be taught the ways and truth of the wold without being forced to grow up too fast and hear adults screaming profanity constantly. All that does is put children in a state of shock, trauma and something they can’t biologically even process yet. Just stop. You always say I’m a coward. What makes me a coward.? The fact that I finally stood up to you, told you off and stood up for the children. You hated me for speaking the truth.

So I ask this question (and apologize to the shout-out community for this long winded story) but can anyone tell me why wanting to keep trouble making people away from my childr makes me a coward? And who’s the real coward here if everyone around her is enabling her and walking on eggshells due to fear of reprisals from her explosive hurtful abusive temper? When I was the one who decided to finally enough is enough. Am I a coward and what can I do?



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  1. Good grief. BLOCK and forget about her!

  2. Joe Nixon Joe Nixon says:

    Is it wierd I got chub now? Psh now what am I gonna do about it

  3. Civic Justin Civic Justin says:

    Meh its typical female mental illness at its finest

  4. Shawn Timony Shawn Timony says:

    Do you ever fart and it vibrates your anus so hard that it hurts?

  5. Al Manion Al Manion says:

    Sooo… She’s not part of your life and you despise that she calls you out anonymously for whatever reason, which seems to be a mystery to you. Right? And now you’ve posted several paragraphs calling her out anonymously. Right? Pot… Kettle… Hope the two of you can ultimately fulfil each other’s lives.

  6. Anyone consider the point that the poster is reaching out for a little encouragement because they are afraid and also scared of whether to take legal action?

  7. Wow. Just ignore her & don’t bring attention to this matter by posting about it on here.

  8. Sudbury drama at it’s finest. People really need a life

  9. Shawn Hollis Shawn Hollis says:

    That was so long to read I Think i will go inject purple in my eye now lol

  10. The best thing to do in this situation is cut them lose and ignore them as hard as it is. I’ve done this unfortunately with my very own brother who just has a hate for me for no reason. I cut him out of my life and it’s the best thing I could have done. I want no contact and I blocked him on social media from any contact with me. Nobody is worth the stress and agony. Block her on social media and move on with life. You know your self worth. Focus on your children and making a good life for yourself and your children. Sending you hugs.

  11. Dean Farinha Dean Farinha says:

    Who likes drama and gossip enough to read all that?

  12. Your continuing to allow her to impact your life let it go By posting this you are drawing attention and energy to it. Wish em well and live your life

  13. Ignore this woman period. Just move on with your life before she consumes you. Kids comes first before anybody..they can become a waste of your energy!!!

  14. Dalton Fox Dalton Fox says:

    I’ve been there dude, Inwas slandered and attacked like this before

  15. Peter Barry Peter Barry says:

    Wow this post needs a table of contents holy shit

  16. Pete Dunlop Pete Dunlop says:

    I couldn’t bear to read it all so I searched the internet high and low for the best pancake recipe , I’m gonna make pancakes now 🙂

  17. Reily Burns Reily Burns says:

    Yeah lol yet you are doing the same thing

  18. Amy Gee Amy Gee says:

    Narcissists really don’t like it when you ignore them. It takes away their power. Keep being mom to your kids. What other people think of you , quite frankly, is none of your business. Keep doing you – obviously you have found your peace – why dip your toe back in the muddy waters?

  19. Just keep ignoring her and let her do her. It sucks, hurts and is complete bullshit having people go around bashing you with lies, but their actions say a hell of a lot more about them than you. Keep your head held high, be the bigger person, and live your life with your child happily. You cannot control others, or even how they view you, you can only control your response when things like this go down. Next time it happens, remind yourself that it’s not your monkey to deal with and refuse to take it on. Let her handle her own circus that she created.

  20. Kimberly Rae Kimberly Rae says:

    Yet here you are on an anonymous page

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