To Sudbury or not to Sudbury ?

Hi guys, young female french speaking thinking of moving to Sudbury but all the reviews i’ve heard are almost negative. I am still making up my mind but i would love to see some of your feedback especially those not from Ontario.

How is social life there ? Is a studio or one bed appartment easy to find, and which neighborhood would you recommend ? Is it easy to meet new people ? Is the winter so terrible up north ?

Anyways, i’m all ears! Thanks again!



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  1. Anonymous says:

    All high rent means is the drug dealer living next door has to sell more heroin or sublet out to more people to cover the costs, don’t think that high rents keep the riff raff out of your neighborhood.

  2. Anonymous says:

    This all depends on your own preferences. Winters can be very long unless you enjoy winter outdoor activities. The city is very spread out and it can be difficult to meet others. Some of the people can be very territorial and there can be a lot of red neck & racist attitudes. Your tribe is out there, but it can take time to find them. Rent prices have become out of reach for many & neighborhoods are also about your own individual preference. Downtown has definitely become much worse since the pandemic began. Bell Park area is usually a good bet for renting (close to park with mix of home ownership as well as rentals). In general lower rent prices are a reflection of poorer neighborhoods. Sudbury is also beautiful, especially in summer & offers so much nature and wildlife. Size is just right to get out of the small community drama yet big enough to remain anonymous if wanted.