To speed or not to speed?

I have been driving truck for about 8 months all over northern Ontario and drive the speed limit on the high way. 90% of the time. (If im going over its usually less then 10.) i always end up with a line up behind me till they get a passing lane. So i wonder how meny people i never see because either they never catch up to me or i never catch up to them because we are obeying the law. Something than made me say hummm. So thats why i ask. If the majority of people speed then why have a speed limit?



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  1. Here’s an interesting article for everyone that I stumbled across answering questions in another comment on this thread:

  2. Go with the flow of traffic. It is a law to not be a nuissance on the road. If you notice everybody is doing 10-20 over, then you are the one being the hazard just doing 80. It’s how she goes man. Don’t like driving, leave your car/truck at home.

  3. Renee Benoit Renee Benoit says:

    The German government found that accident rates on autobahn sections with no speed limit were the same as those with speed limits. The only thing is that higher speed = fatal accidents. Also the autobahn is one of the best constructed highways. We don’t have good conditioned highways.

  4. I know this is not what youre saying but..honestly…under the speed limit is way more dangerous than above

  5. Briana Pilon Briana Pilon says:

    Always speeding so too bad

  6. If I’m doing best legal speed and holding it on the road, what do I care about someone else’s hurry? Hell, I may even be saving a life by slowing a silly ass down. My abstract’s clean and I’d like to keep it that way

    • Leave your keys at home if you can’t drive properly. It is a law to not be a nuisance on the road. Holding up traffic = nuisance.

    • Paul Chénier I mean he literally said “best legal speed” but go ahead and make excuses to speed and risk not only your life, but everyone else’s around you. Oh wait. You legally can’t and shouldn’t have a right to risk somebody else’s life. Lmfao wow

    • Paul Chénier: If you drive as well as you read, it may be a plan to follow your own advice. I hope the cops read these things. At a glance they can discover morons’ names. In another, they can tag a plate number … and I still don’t give a damn for your stupid hurry

  7. Have had 3 windshields smashed by the big rigs in the last 3 years so don’t like to be behind them also hate to see them coming but they are necessary

  8. Just because they are speeding is no reason for you to go faster in your truck (presuming you mean a transport). Let them trail behind and get irritated.

    I drive that 69 and 400 south and back every single weekend x 2… and i appreciate the truckers who take their time. I’d rather be lined up behind one going the speed limit than be lined up because one was speeding and ended up in a massive collision.

  9. never mind speeding..pll need to learn how to drive in this town first lol

  10. I drive 17 everyday. Wish more truck drivers were like you cause they are very often passing me

  11. Britt Any Britt Any says:

    Because then idiots would drive wayyyyy to fast because they think they’re invincible and end up killing shit loads of people.. Thats why we have a speed limit.

  12. Joel Whipple Joel Whipple says:

    Ten over is standard. Fifteen over you’re typically okay on the highway. Twenty over is okay for cars it seems, but that’s touch and go.

  13. You’re driving a rig and you want to speed? Your vehicle is much larger than others. My stepdad is a trucker and he doesn’t feel the need to speed. If people are annoyed they can go around you. Never risk the lives of others because you have a line up behind you. I personally love driving behind the big rigs or busses on the highway. Dom’t put everyone’s safety at risk

  14. All i can say is, I hate following transports, you throw rocks, I can’t see ahead, I drive a small car and the wind is awful, my dad was a transport driver and the thing i learned is, if I’m gonna pass you? I’d better get out the way as to not slow you down.
    And this my reason for passing you, and yeah! 10 to 15 km over the speed limit is ok, a specially if your not even going 10 over on the hwy.
    Again,,, this is my reason!!

  15. 20 over everywhere on thr highway. Our speed limits are 50 years old and wayyy too slow for modern day vehicles in clear weather

  16. In Sudbury those speed limit signs are just suggestions it the speed limit and count how many cars pass you in this town. EVERYBODY SPEEDS. Even the police, ems, fire and others with no sirens….they are still passing you!

  17. Rachel Purdy Rachel Purdy says:

    Tbh I personally just don’t like being behind big trucks as I can’t see in front of them so I do pass em when I get to a double lane

  18. Slow down there eight months…the worlds a bit longer than that

  19. Moe Lalonde Moe Lalonde says:

    Don’t matter how fast you drive. 4 wheelers will aways catch up and pass you. I was driving before the 90kph shit. I ran my 550hp Cummins at 110-115 on 2 laned Hwy 69 lol still cars passed me…

  20. Some trucking companies will give the driver shit if they are not doing posted speed

  21. Fuck em.. Drive your truck and drive is as you have been. Drive safe and that’s what passing lanes are for… Be safe out there.

  22. Alex Wunsch Alex Wunsch says:

    You have a license. You have every right as they do to be on the road. Go the speed limit, go 10 over. Whatever you feel is safe and you’re able to control. Don’t be an idiot like the others doing 30+. If they want to risk their license or have a death wish that’s on them. Good on you!

  23. Don’t worry about the people behind you . They can pass in the next passing lane. If they bitch to you on cb just tell them they should have left 5 minutes earlier

  24. Dan Arnold Dan Arnold says:

    If there wasn’t a limit people would be doing 200 km and hour everywhere. Highways are designed and engineered for specific speeds. If there wasn’t speed limits, people would be crashing and suing the MTO every chance they could.

    I don’t think tickets are a source of revenue like the previous commenter says, the amount of fuel, wear and tear, cost of vehicle, insurance and wages greatly out weigh whatever money is “made” from speeding tickets.

  25. Jesse HD Jesse HD says:

    If a transport is doing 90, I’m pissed. If hes doing 100-104, I have no issues. I drive alot. Just did 1800km this weekend.

  26. I think the question should be based more on economics..I.E. can i afford to speed or can’t I afford to speed

  27. Kyle Innes Kyle Innes says:

    10-20 over all the time when im on the highway do the speed limit in town tho

  28. The speed limits are set intentionally low for two reasons. 1. A source of revenue and 2. Older people complain (not trying to be rude)

    People will generally drive at the speed they feel appropriate and are comfortable driving at. Setting the limits at those speeds would cost the government money. It’s a scam.

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