To my ex

I know now why you cheated on me . Or why you kept telling people outside of our friends that I was your sister . You were ashamed of me . All you ever liked about me was my body . And I liked you so I ignored that . But you were ashamed of me . You didn’t want anyone to know we were together . I wasnt never good enough for you . Or pretty enough for you .

Yes you loved my body but you didn’t find me pretty or good looking . And you made me see that I wasn’t good enough for you , once you found out you could have anyone you wanted you cheated on me . I took you back more then once because you played me and you made it seem like you loved me because that’s what you do . Your good at making people feel loved when you don’t and when your just waiting for the perfect woman and body to come walk past you . You use to come to my place everyday for weeks . And a few times you came over out of nowhere .

Remember when you left my place and came walking right back in fast and picked me up off my floor when I was crying . You made me laugh and made me feel better but then you left my house to go see the person you were cheating on me with . And once me and her sent each other the text messages . I knew that when I was crying something was telling me that you were cheating on me and I was right . So SCREW YOU.



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  1. Brock says:

    It appears he got what he wanted out of you. Let him go and try to look better to land the guy of your dreams.

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