To Charlie the Three Legged Dog

To Charlie the three legged (lab?) and his owner; by the time this is posted this would have happened days ago. I wanted to sincerely apologize for what happened in LU trails off of Hunter st.

For context, I have a rescue. He started showing signs of dog reactivity when he was ~2. Soon after we heavily invested in a great dog trainer. I have worked endlessly to get him socialized and try to get him to understand that I am there to protect him, and he doesn’t need to protect me. I’m sure there will be some hate comments on here, but I want it to be understood that for the past 3 years I have been trying tirelessly to fix my dogs reactivity.

I always keep my dog hooked up onto his leash. When we are deep enough into the bush, I let the leash go, but he is always hooked up to it. He has great recall, and for the past three years, this hasn’t happened. In complete honesty I thought I had ‘cured’ my dog of his aggression. He has been nothing but sweet and playful towards other dogs for years.

Your dog, Charlie, was off leash, and you asked if our dogs were friendly. I said yes, as my dog had shown me no signs that he wasn’t, again, for three years. My dog hates amputee dogs, I suppose, as he pinned yours down and bared his teeth. My dog has never bit, but I understand that that behaviour is not ok by any means. I proceeded to pick my dog up quickly and remove him from the situation.

You were so incredibly understanding and kind. I can’t thank you enough. You recommended the Countryside dog park for socialization; I always muzzle my dog when he goes there, but after this I don’t think I’ll be socializing him for a while yet. I apologized in person but I wanted to quickly foot it out of there. Again, I am so, so incredibly sorry. I know Charlie didn’t get hurt – I remember he tried to walk up to me and my dog (who I was holding at the time) after it happened, so I’m assuming he isn’t traumatized, but I feel absolutely awful.

Thank you again. Sincerely. I’m sure others out there know what it’s like to own a reactive dog. I am incredibly sad and frustrated that it has flared up again.

If anyone knows of any rarely-walked trails, please recommend them in the comments. I want to keep my dog away from others for a good while while we dive into a training regime again.

Thanks so much. Kisses to Charlie.



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