Tired of single moms looking for free gifts

Stop feeling bad for these single moms without gifts for their kids. If they are on assistance they get at least 500 PER child PER month plus if they are on welfare or low income. If you have 3 kids thats at least 1500 per month. 6 kids thats 3000 per month AT LEAST. this is getting ridiculous. – Anonymous

Shoutout Admin’s Thoughts on this Submission: Wait, hold up a minute here… Sorry to interrupt, but I’ve always heard that it costs over $250,000 to raise a newborn baby up until the age of 18 (and this has probably gone up substantially since). I’ve actually never done the monthly math to this whole equation until I saw your anonymous submission and have come to realize that it in fact converts to over $1,150 per child, per month. So, take your “at least $500”, raise it to, say, an exaggerated $900(!), and you’re STILL $250 SHORT for the month’s bills on raising a single child. If this SINGLE PARENT is unable to work so that they can take care of their children, and have welfare coming in, then think about that for a second and realize that the average human adult has a lot of self-bills to pay as well, let alone their children! Conclusion: Please do your homework before ranting about other people’s livelihoods. We all have our own problems, and we’re all just doing the best we can with what we have. Let’s be more positive around here please. – Jody Mitoma