Timber wolf #2 hole

Some jerk decided to joy ride at timberwolf with their quad and ruined hole #2.



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  1. Dan Lux says:

    Idiots giving the rest of us a bad name!

  2. check this Clem Jr. Bigras

  3. This is why we can’t have nice things…

  4. It takes a special kind of dickhead to pull shit like this.

  5. He must have been chasing the birdie…

  6. Mike Fulmer says:

    Need cameras set up. This has happened twice now.

  7. Disgusting how someone could have zero respect , or regard for what they are doing. Superintendents work long, hard hours as it is, and now to have this massive repair job is just so sad.

  8. New hazard, bill is in the mail.

  9. Jen Stone says:

    I saw someone on a quad near Lansing/Maley Dr around 6-6:15pm heading towards Falconbridge Dr…

    When was this done???

  10. Paul Pilon says:

    That looks like geese who did that. :v

  11. Mike Guitard says:


  12. That really sucks. This is why as riders we are getting blocked off from Area’s because people go in places they shouldn’t and destroy them. Hopefully someone knows something.

  13. Joshua Nibe says:

    Good golf takes up far too much space as it is.

  14. James White says:

    Just add one stroke to par

  15. JD Tait says:

    Speaking of ruined number 2 holes… How’s his sister doing?

  16. Lol I’m just lost for words on how anyone can do this :/

  17. Tyler Neill says:

    There goes the snowmobile trail

  18. Must have lost the tournament this year…lmao

  19. So much work from dawn until dusk to get those fairways into the shape they are in. Years of patience and babying to get that quality of grass. This is absolutely terrible and no less then vandalism at its finest. Shame on this person.

  20. Curtis Tammi says:

    Happens multiple times a year- time to build a fence to keep them off the property

  21. James Cox says:

    Holy shit. This is the first shout out post that has the same reaction. Who ever did the damage is a piece of shit.

  22. same happened to us at

  23. Drew Guillet says:

    Wow.. Im a rider and as much as a golf course would make a great free ride park ( different terrain variations ) I’d never have the balls to ride on it unless I owned it. It’s highly disrespectful and ignorant. Just makes the rest of us look bad. Believe me, those who ride ( 2 or 4 wheels ) we aren’t all like that, few rotten apples in every bunch.

  24. I saw a kid on a quad on Madison ave yesterday heading in that direction..I wonder…

  25. Joe Wilson says:

    Alternate story spin: Some jerk who owns a landscaping business tears up hole #2 at timberwolf with a quad as a make work project.

  26. Joe Wilson says:

    The sarcasm runs deep with this one

  27. Disrespectful pieces of shit there is miles and miles of bush around there no need for that I hope they are caught

  28. That is so awful…..sure hope they catch them. 🙁

  29. Adam Read says:

    Lol how tf did they manage that one? And seriously, no camera’s? LOL hope they catch whoever this was

  30. Wow! Unbelievable!!!

  31. Linda Potvin says:

    That’s not right. WTF

  32. Travis Morgan says:

    Typical Sudbury behaviour. This is what Sudbury is known for across Canada.

  33. Misty Smith says:

    Some peoples kids….smh.

  34. Peggy Byers says:

    That’s like a $20,000 repair!!!!

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