Tim Hortons kingsway bancroft beware

Can someone please explain to me how Tim Hortons still employs such awful people? I stopped going to the Tims on Bancroft/Kingsway over a YEAR ago due to a terrible experience with one of the workers (Cant use names but she’s a big broad with an American accent). I use to be a regular at this store, but time and time again I was bullied by this woman. So finally I said enough is enough (final straw was getting yelled at for asking for napkins at the window AND NOT THE SPEAKER BOX) *going to hell, party of 1 apparently*

I went back today because i was in a rush to a dr’s appointment and needed caffeine, and low and behold SHE STILL WORKS THERE. And she’s just as awful. As soon as I pulled up to the drive thru, I had a question about the breakfast b.e.l.t and she was so god damn rude for what? for what reason? I don’t work there, how am i suppose to know everything about the items? I then had the AUDACITY to order an iced coffee with milk and I heard her scoff! SCOFF, over the headset. When I complained at the window, I was informed she’s a supervisor now. WHAT?

Now I’m not saying the customer is always right, cause we’ve all been there, I worked at a Mcdonalds for 4 years. But this woman has absolutely no class and does not know how to speak to people. And she gets promoted? Tim Hortons is going downhill FAST. shame on the managers there.

So people beware, unless youre looking for a laugh, then defiantly go there and just ask a quick question about the menu. You’ll see what Im talking about. Pathetic for sure.



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