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Imagine needing to live with your folks, go to work at your sole proprietorship, all so you can hide your mental illness by not having to work for someone else, and hide your addiction by running a barely breaking even business where you get to control the amount of cash money transactions to afford your daily drug habit and of course be able to do your drugs on site where no one can tell you not to since you’re your own boss. Cause its oh so hard to wait to get high at your wittle homey womey and life is just way to scawy to go a day without getting high while working.

Must be nice to carve such a life out for yourself for all those years to hide all the dirty little secrets for decades that one can and learn to live successfully with a double life by surrounding yourself with Noone else other than those who will stay tight lipped and enable such horrific living. not having to iwn up to a single thing illegal, self destructive, abusive to loved ones kinda gig. Nice little outift going on there Must be nice 😒 🤔

Oh well. Everyone else is just a bunch of good working law abiding diots. Huh. Gotcha.



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  1. Anonymous says:

    Interesting comment about business owners snorting. Now you know why they can’t afford to pay workers better. I had a boss once who would regularly every Friday disappear all day because his wife was not in the office either. He would appear close to closing time all wired & once I had to tell him “Phil you got white stuff leaking out your nose” lol scurry off to the bathroom lol
    Yup, that’s why it’s never enough $$

    • Anonymous says:

      Yep I live by a guy that was bragging loudly about drugs he took and cocaine and how it gives him so much energy to be able to do the work he does and it just confirmed my suspicions about him. I worked for another guy that had a temper issue and found out through coworkers he was a big drug user in the 90s but his personality was forever hindered by it, guy was as cold as ice 99.9% of the time. Another guy I know who owns a business is a good salesman but you can tell he’s desperate and every once in a while shows up wired and buzzing with energy constantly snorting, and other times is depressed and half asleep despite the business doing well.. I’d rather shop around online or out of town so at least my dollars will go to a druggy in another town and maybe not contribute to the riff raff in this town.

  2. Anonymous says:

    Does he “own” a drilling and blasting company and not pay his men by chance?

  3. Anonymous says:

    So many local business owners that are snorting it’s unreal. I used to be a big shop local supporter, then you see where your money is really going. Obviously not all businesses are like this, but if you have your suspicions about an owner, chances are they are valid.

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