Three Years since Meagan Pilon has been Missing

Today is September 11th.
Today is exactly 3 years Meagan has been missing.
Today, like every other day, her family is missing her.
Today we need to get Meagan’s family the answers they deserve.




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    • I wouldn’t say that if it’s not true

    • It is true. Not the only one that has seen her

    • If you have seen her, I hope you have made contact with crime stoppers or GSPS or someone!!

    • Ray N Tristin Lariviere are liars and attention seekers stop the bull shit buddy

    • She’s obviously still alive just doesn’t want to come out, nor much people knowing she limits herself from people knowing. Only way to know if it’s her is there’s a scar on her upper lip, & she’s obviously probably has her play boy tattoo covered up.

    • Matt Saroka says:

      im pretty sure i have also seen her downtown at timmies i remember seeing a girl and thinking “oh so they found her”..i never approached her to ask but i distinctly remember this….this was well over a year ago……im not 100 percent sure it was her but im more certain then not that it was her….though they say everyone has a doppelganger

    • I have heard from many people that she just wants to be left alone. I am sure people have told her about the posts so if she hasn’t come out yet then she doesn’t want to go back

    • The family just wants to know she’s alive and well… So if you do see her maybe try to make dialogue… That’s all they want. It is up to her if she wants to go home, the family just wants to know she is ok.
      Also you can believe anything that is said in that parking lot… I’m a personal victim of the trash talk and rumors that happen there. Someone started saying I got into a car with my son with no carseat and it all just escalated from there and even had CAS called on me for nothing. That place and the rumors and stories are pure cancer.

    • Id heard too that she doesn’t want to be found. Apparently there’s family drama. Idk id stay out of it. Offer her help and talk to her about it sure but I’m sure she’s probs tired of hearing it. I feel for the family. And I don’t think it’s right to keep out of touch but I don’t know what she is dealing with so I can’t judge. As far as I know now she’s 18 and an adult. If she doesn’t want to see her family I feel it’s tragic for everyone involved especially her in the long run. But it’s ultimately her choice. People HAVE seen and spoken to her though from what I know.

    • Silver Twain says:

      Why don’t you let the police do there jobs. Haha welcome to sudbury where the police do there job….not. if what your all saying is true and people have seen her then why wouldn’t you report this. There have been woman going missing for years now. Homicide much serial murders ya think that we aren’t being informed of.

    • Ty Vis says:

      Silver Twain, you must not be related to Mark Twain, because whatever you just wrote made my head hurt.

    • Why dont they look up all forms of id she has and trace down were her name was recently used or any other names she goes by .

    • Josh Brohart says:

      Cristina Scarpellini not too sure what to think about this. But definitely worth doing some research in to

    • Josh Brohart says:

      Never mind u already are aware

    • Amanda Kay says:

      Doesn’t want to be found…. Ummm human trafficking. She NEEDS to be found

    • Kaycee Zander Skelliter-Jodouin if you know she’s alive DO THE RIGHT THING AND REPORT IT family and I deserves closure

    • Rob Jalbert says:

      There have been quite a few people now that have said they seen her. Out of all the people who have said this not one reported it to the police or to Meagans family. They have all mentioned this on various websites or Facebook conversations. So far all of the people who have said they seen her were spoken to by the police and all ended up being just talk. There were a couple of sightings by people which were actual sightings and these individuals actually reported them to the police and it was a female who looked very similar to Meagan. If you think you seen Meagan then PLEASE report the sighting at the time you see her. If you hear people saying they have seen her then ask them why they havent reported it . If you hear people saying they know for a fact Meagan doesnt want to go home and she is fine then PLEASE pass the name of these people on to the police or to Marc Pilon,,, Carole Martel Farmer,,, Ellen Mooney ,,, Cristina Scarpellini or myself

    • Why would anyone tell police if she just wants to be left alone?

    • Because there is serious concern and reason to believe she may have been coerced into sex trafficking or something of the genre. She may not even realise exactly what’s going on or she may be intimidated by the people who are trafficking her… Threatening her life or her family’s life. THAT’S the problem. The family wants to know she’s okay because chances are she’s not…

  2. Seen her last summer in a convertible either an older guy