This is why

He’s only with you because you are weak.

He’s a monster. Enjoy the abuse!



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  1. Anonymous says:

    Derp derp derp. Narcissist derp derp derp. I’m the best derp derp derp.
    Are all women with big vaginas just as angry and crazy as men with baby penises?

  2. FJB says:

    You are the fucking weak one, you anonymously posted a meme projecting your narcissism. You probably left him due to his “problems” but god forbid you can let him be happy. Just because you are miserable and hate yourself which will never allow you to truly love anyone doesn’t give you the right to try to bring everyone around you to your level. If you are so great you should have no problem meeting the right one. In all my years I have come to realize the only ones screaming narcissist ever are projecting their narcissistic tendencies that they are completely oblivious to.

  3. Nonexistent says:

    Idk the OP but I couldn’t agree more, a lot of women do get warned like me with my ex I warn them and offer to forward his court conditions with the long list of charges and most “girls” they ain’t women straight up say “he’s told me otherwise and you’re jealous and crazy” or or my fav is “I haven’t seen him act that way ima give him a chance and unless shown directly by his actions I’ll stay, you’re just a mental psychopath”
    So half you defending the abuser may it be male or female who knows these days but y’all there’s no need to victim blame

  4. Anonymous says:

    If you weren’t butt hurt and didn’t want him anymore you wouldn’t be posting about him and her constantly.

  5. Anonymous says:

    you’re playing my theme song