This “community” is full of close-minded people.

Especially old ones.

You got your old grannies, look like clowns, with their Clinique making comments that don’t coincide with the post. You can’t tell if “Susan” is a bot or really just THAT old.

You’ve got the middle aged men hitting retirement status in the next 5 years (who make up a majority of the comments on this entire page) who think they know everything. You ought realize the only thing relevant about you is going to be your humor and bald head, not your political opinion. Not sorry. Go enjoy your Q92 and light beer in peace and spare us our sanity- shut up already.

The general community. Don’t get me started.

The college section of.. mr/miss in college or university and hasn’t graduated has an opinion on something not in their field and thinks making it to college/uni solidifies anything they say as irrevocably correct. 🤦 Will be returning to repopulate your local neighborhood if their boss doesn’t spit them out in exchange for the next intern, let’s face it, Sudbury is STILL a sexist beer and drug soaked shit hole.

Ah. Also the “parents” that post their personal drama on here. You’re lonely and want attention, we get it, but no one really cares. you’re setting yourself up to hate yourself more and should look into local resource programs to help yourselves.

Truly, I’m looking for entertainment but this is a wake up call I think is needed to humble yourselves and possibly weed out the trash that’s always posting here.



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  1. Anonymous says:

    Humble? Lol. You sound like the most arrogant of the lot, working hard to ride your unicycle up the hill to reach the local sewer plant to finish the dump you couldn`t hold in at the bottom of the hill. But it is winter so lets do a do over. Were you thumbing it up the hill with a shit stain on your rear, hoping to make it in time to the local sewer plant before closing time? I hope you brought an extra roll of toilet paper or at the very least, an extra pair of pants you chump. Lol. I enjoyed that.

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