This can not be acceptable!

Mr. Kirwin can not control everyone and everything. He may think he can, and good for him. The second someone has a different opinion or talks back he bans you and sends you on your way.

He calls people names and he’s rude. For a man dealing with the public he should be able to handle criticism and several kinds of opinions.

If anyone else had some screenshots to share…I would share them. And I will not vote RTK ever.



60 Responses

  1. I might go to his house and shit on his lawn lol hahaha lol

  2. Kirwan is a douch with his own agenda and it’s not surprising since he’s part of the corruption at city hall … Next election will be something else lol by by by lah

  3. I told him to take phils balls out of his mouth

  4. Adam Beers says:

    And, I hear his penis is little! Spread the word!

  5. Go stand outside his house on the street carrying signs saying resign.

  6. He’s a thin skinned, closed minded, ignorant little man.

  7. I was blocked by his wife by saying we shouldn’t live in fear. I said a joke about a tense situation, and he said we shouldn’t joke. I said “I find that humour tends to defuse… explosive situations.” I was kicked out. I was never actually rude.

    was talking about his rant about a guy leaving a toolbox under the bench at city hall, outside.

  8. Corey Caton says:

    I wasn’t sure if that was the same guy but in grade six I was in his class and he grabbed me by the arm one day and threw me across the room. If I ever meet this guy as an adult I think a little pay back might be in order. Piece of shit.

  9. Benni Norris says:

    I’m voting for Robot T. Kirwan in the next election.


  11. Ashley Rozon says:

    Remember “Anyone but Harper? ”
    We need to start an “anyone but Kirwan” campaign before the next municipal election.

  12. Someone print screen everyone’s comments on how much he’s not liked and post it on his page. Lol

  13. Corey Caton says:

    Was he the grade six teacher at Redwood Acres.

  14. Carl Hunda says:

    ….who the fuck is this guy. I have no idea who Mr. Kirwin is

  15. Amanda Kay says:

    Or how many times he puts up the polls for the summer games. Jesus buddy take the hint NO

  16. Amanda Kay says:

    For someone of his status he sure has a lot of time on his hands to be the valley page police. I assume this is the spiral effect from people saying they would boycott the store cause someone complained about the kids fundraising.

  17. He made a nasty risky statement or threat to me in messenger for expressing my opinion. I didn’t swear or offend anyone just pointed out some truth which he deleted and covered up like a conspiracy.

    But the comment he said in messenger disappeared. He retracted it or used the temporary self erasing comment feature. So I got no proof.

    He’s a human rights abuser. Not to mention Canadian bill of rights, I could sue really. But I don’t want to touch his dirty money he’s a politician who knows what panties or nose those bills were stuck into ha

    • Jo Jo Labre same here, never commented on his group and got kicked out cause I was member of another group he didn’t approve of … I was a new resident, how could I have known which valley group was “approved” or not. Weird guy

    • Jo Jo Labre same here, never commented on his group and got kicked out cause I was member of another group he didn’t approve of … I was a new resident, how could I have known which valley group was “approved” or not. Weird guy

  18. This is so ridiculious… are not in his group anymore…get over it…jesus…there is a life after the Valley…..omg move on people. I can tell you miss him!!:), because you wouldn’t let this bother you. Who cares about his group, there are many more out there…you bunch of morons””””

  19. fuck that guy he is liar and an asshole

  20. Rose Burke says:

    yup i got deleted from his precious page cause i asked him 2 seperate questions…one was if he had a vested interest in cousin vinnys and first round restaurants cause he only talks about them…and the other why he turns off comments if people are supposed to be free to comment…he didnt like either question…nor did he answer…he sent me an message saying he was deleting me and when i want to come back to send him a message…simply put i told him to stick his site up his ass along with his rose coloured glasses along with a few other things…his reponse…thats rude…i almost died laughing…lmao

  21. Steve Parker says:

    Just leave the group , But tell him he is an Effin clown like I did. I don’t miss the frustration of having my comments deleted if he didn’t like what I said ,and I see nothing has changed

  22. Skyler Pacan says:

    Chris Noland Kirwins at it again lmao

  23. Dean Farinha says:

    Don’t forget his wife called everyone retards then deleted it. And me. Lol

  24. You morons voted him in…. just saying

  25. Kat Punkari says:

    I’m pretty sure I see your comment says “let’s go piss on his car!” LOL that’s rude..

  26. always insulting people and calling them complainers when they don’t agree with him lol. …the best was when someone was complaining about the bright ad near the esso in val caron …his response was “then don’t look at it” …dude you kind of have no choice lol anyway i think i’ve agreed with him like …one time.

  27. Or how he threatens to call your employer when you say something he doesn’t agree with ! Guys a scum

  28. got your panties in a knot?