Think rent prices are too high?

Besides the fact that local house prices are the highest they have ever been, along with yearly rising taxes, utilities, costs of repairs, etc, another fact you can think for high rent prices is the outrageous number of horrific tenants in our area.

Don’t believe me? Well, contrary to popular belief, it is pretty simple for landlords to find the names of people they don’t want to rent to, since full names are all posted on along with their stories – people owing $10-20-30,000 (couldn’t evict for many many months when COVID began), destroying peoples property, people evicted two years in a row…

So if you find someone you know on there, you can thank them for their contribution to rising rent costs, as well as for landlords being untrusting and asking for things like credit checks or not accepting people on assistance.



4 Responses

  1. Anonymous says:

    Renters think it is easy money when they have no clue. People invest in these properties & spend time & hard earned money to fix them up. If you know anything about anything you would know that when you increase the value of a home you pay property tax on the increased value. Then some low life comes in to rent & trashes the place. So you spend more money fixing it up again. Landlords are blamed for high rent when you should be blaming the low life who has no respect for anyone including himself.

  2. Gus Toppo says:

    Careful you don’t want to complain. you might have your bank account frozen.
    since it is now a permanent act

  3. Anonymous says:

    The problem is these homes were meant for families to buy, instead landlords have been buying and selling them as income properties. Want to be a landlord? Great. Buy a lot and build your appartment building and rent it out as you see fit. If I was a greedy bastard I’d convert my house into 8 1 bedroom/bachelor units and rent them out for 900-1000$ each. After mortgage and taxes I’d be up 6500$ per month. Then I could sell my $250k house for $800k easy as an “income property, high value, much wow” then the next sucker would have to charge 2000 per unit to cover costs and make profit. Landlords think it’s easy money but fact of the matter is you are choosing to buy these holes and want top dollar on your investment, the only ones who can afford your outrageous prices are drug dealers and sub-letters, then you wonder why your “doors” get beat up and abused. You are abusing your tenants after all. The good landlords don’t have a revolving door of tenants.

  4. Anonymous says:

    Shut up with your bullshit the reason why rent prices are sky-high because of greedy ass slumlords which this town is full of