Thieves do you know them?

These 2 individuals have stolen numerous items on May 24th, 2019 at 5 am on Leslie Street and Mountain street including floor jack, dolly, and a child’s Schwinn Stingray bike. They even tried to take a garbage can?

If you know their location or where these items are please message thanks.

The bike really stands out and will be easy to spot link provided for pic. The bike is missing rear fender, forks chain guard are rusted, missing handlebar grips.

The bike:



20 Responses

  1. My husband found a backpack full of wallets and ID’s in this neighbourhood today and brought it to the OPP station, if you’re missing any you should call and see if they have yours!

  2. I still firmly believe thieves should have their hands cut off as punishment.

  3. Marc Verdon says:

    381 granite backdoor upstairs is where the one lives.

  4. Anonysaurus says:

    Right side looks like JB

  5. Anonysaurus says:

    Cute, the one on the left is a junkie named Justin 5’1 brown jacket scruffy black hair and beard.

  6. Ffs leave other people property alone.

  7. Carton of smokes and bije

  8. Someone broke into our garage same night left these behind

  9. Break their fingers.

  10. Paige Ashley says:

    there was an older man who looks similar to him who was going to all the houses where there where no cars, in the middle of the day. On Atlee/Beatrice

  11. I think its Methanie and crackson

  12. ddid you send these to the police?

    • Lucy Simcoe says:

      She said she’s not calling police because the justice system sucks

    • Lucy Simcoe says:

      Stacey Ritchie exactly. Then they wonder why the cops won’t do anything. Maybe because they don’t report it. sheesh

    • Bring it to the credit union..

    • Lucy Simcoe yep reaaaal smart. Someone smashed my car I gave him 24 hrs on his own and he didn’t pay up for the damage after I got the quote from GM. So I went made a statement and reported it along with my repair quote, 3 months later I got a call to go to the police station to “collect your monies owed for your vehicle repairs”. No court lol. He didn’t attack or assault me and I wasn’t sueing so there’s no need for court and of al ppl Tania should know that. Oh well she wants to do nothing about it then don’t whine and publicly post your poor me bull crap. Yes I’ve had a great day today can you tell? Lol. Ppls stupidity and lack of common sense is the last 0.1% of patience I have left for the day and it’s not even 5 yet!