Thief on pine street

I woke up this morning and noticed staff missing from my car, I checked the security cameras and saw the thief going through my car and the neighbors cars.

Here is a video showing his face . If anyone recognize him . Please comment and I’ll message you.

Be carful out there.



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  1. Is that the only photo/ video you have? What was stolen?

  2. My car alarm went off, and I live very close to pine. Didn’t see anyone.

  3. Smuggling staff members ehhh where did you get them hmm because I really need some preferably cheap cheap ones

  4. Does no one lock there car?

  5. Not certain why people are being so critical about a spelling error? Rely because of an “a” instead of a “u” in “staff” instead of “stuff”? We’ve all had auto correct do the same to us in one or more occasions.

  6. There’s no video?

  7. I’m worried about the staff in the cars…

  8. A car with staff…. can I see your house

  9. Wouldn’t it be easy to search for a guy with a staff? I mean they’re not exactly small

  10. Locks only keep honest people out!

  11. Jamie Forget says:

    There should be increased police presence at night considering how many break ins there have been lately..

  12. Reba Twain says:

    Happens on Madison to. They don’t discriminate vehicles lol

  13. Watch out for Morris St & Van Horn ..breaking in lockers & vehicles as well ..I had a good lock on mine . They still broke in , stole my 40 inch Samsung TV ..cops decided to patrol the area .. fucking pissed doesn’t matter how secure it is .. they’ll find a way ..

  14. Lmao doors r most likely locked but there is always the possibility of them breaking the window

  15. Steve Cobbs says:

    Shut up lock your doors dont keep anything of value in it simple as that cops wont do nothing because there is way bigger issues then someones negligence

    • Briana Pilon says:

      Steve Cobbs they are breaking windows now too so it’s not negligence anymore.

    • Briana Pilon car insurance covers broken windows. Its unfortunate to have to use it but its there if needed. Any contents stolen fall under house/contents insurance. Make sure you’re covered.

    • Briana Pilon likely only breaking windows if they see some thing of value.. keep nothing in your vehicle, and then there are no post about people stealing out of cars. All though it is wrong, they are still going to attempt repeatedly. Don’t leave an open invitation.

    • Jamie Lebel says:

      Venessa Sylvestre most ppl have a $500 deductible on their ins. What good is that when it costs less to replace the window?

    • Jamie Lebel yes you’re correct. A standard window is about $100-$350. Corolla would be about $200 installed and a corvette would be more expensive around the $350 mark. All depends on the make and model, the type of windows, if they’re tinted, etc. If they damaged the door as well or the paint, could be worth going through insurance. Also, they could break more than one. Just wanted to bring up that option in case some dont know. Its best to call them and inquire directly or bring in your vehicle for an estimate of repairs before making any decision.

    • Marissa Roy says:

      Our corolla window got smashed it wad 250 !!! It got smashed and ramsacked

    • Marissa Roy says:

      Debbie Prosser nothing of value was left in my car yet they still smashes it

  16. Adam Read says:

    I can’t even see his face, he looks like he’s a fat old man in his fifties, how many break-ins before cops get to work, it’s not like one once in awhile, it’s a constant stream of thieves stealing peoples shit and when is “Well you should have locked your doors” going to stop being used as an excuse, because now people are smashing windows costing money when civilians did all they could by locking the doors, now it’s up to the police and yet, we hear no word on improved street surveillance, I think some policies in this city need to be revised.

    • Adam Read car insurance and house insurance have never been so important! When all else fails, thats what insurance is for. Its unfortunate to have to use it but it can help in certain situations.

    • Adam Read says:

      Venessa Sylvestre lol true but what if you use insurance to fix it and they come back a week later and smash it again is it gonna be the same response? Like if I went to a city councilors house and smashed in his/her car windows to get what was inside you’d best believe cops would be searching high and low for me lol regardless of insurance there should be a heightened police presence in response to a heightened presence in thieves, cause look if you catch them in the act and beat their asses for stealing from you, you go to jail for assault over protecting your property, something police are paid for through tax dollars, i’d rather have the police arresting thieves and throwing them in jail for a night with $100 fine instead of police sitting on a corner at the end of the month waiting to get his/her ticket quota..

    • I know they smash windows so I just leave my doors unlocked. In my car I leave 5 pennies with a note that says, “look up outside the car and smile, hour face is on candid camera”.

  17. Matt Woito says:

    Should start setting up like traps