The Woes of the Middle Class

Why is it that people who hardly work and live in housing be able to afford two cars, two kids, a dog, 2 cats, hamsters, rabbits etc., ordering take out multiple times a day, tattoos to cover their bodies and everything else, yet people who work for a living to try and better their situation can barely afford to live?

My partner and I work full time, we hardly get to see eachother, we have 1 working vehicle between the two of us, and take public transit when we can. Yes we own a house (a project house, think fixer upper but needing way more work than we imagined) we bought 5 years ago after saving up for 10 years by not spending on frivolous stuff like vacations or parties or tattoos. We are the kind of people that were not happy living in a shithole, rat infested appartment (yay cheap rent) and got educated and got better paying jobs. Yet these days we can hardly afford to live. We have one cat, no kids. Have to pay out of pocket for dental care, prescriptions, vision etc. When something goes wrong with our house or vehicle we need to fix it ourselves or pay someone to do it.

We get our garbage picked up every 2 weeks due to cost cutting at city hall, yet people in housing throw out whatever they want in the dumpster. We shovel our own driveway yet people in housing get mad they have to move their car so the city can plow the parking lot. We aren’t even considering getting married yet people in housing can afford lavish weddings in private cottages. We haven’t drank any booze or smoked marijuana in years (besides the odd drink or tokr at christmas or special occasion) yet people in housing can afford joints every day and a case of beer every week.

I just want to be clear that I do not agree with all that’s going on with the real estate market. I just want to vent that we, through our taxes, are paying for things that benefit those who never had the mentality to better their own situations. Even to this day I shit myself at the thought of getting my wife pregnant, we had the talk and agree it is unfeasible to survive on one income in our situation. I’d have to get a second job and buy a second vehicle, not to mention have the house in good enough shape so the baby would have a decent place to live in. And frankly, with my health I’d have to find an accomodating 2nd job due to recent developments.

Now our government wants a dental care plan, great. But we would not qualify based on net income. And our teeth cant wait another 4 years for coverage. Those who don’t work though would qualify, further encouraging people to abuse the system and work under the table, or plainly not work at all and collect all the handouts.

I see homeless people with hudson’s bay winter jackets and brand new shoes, meanwhile my winter jacket is a few years old and has seen the seamstress more than a couple times, my shoes are worn out and I still wear them.

I feel like the movie idiocracy is spot on. Too bad though, my wife and I would have been amazing parents had it not been for our work ethic and our trying to be independant mentality. Good for you if you have it made. Too bad not everyone can have the same opportunities. Since when does working minimum wage part time jobs pay better than full time 25$ an hour jobs? Fucked up world we live in that’s for sure.

Before anyone says it I have looked into therapy and it is cost prohibitive for me. I do not qualify for any programs and paying out of pocket would take away from other necessities like bills and groceries.

End of rant. Thank you.



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  1. Anonymous says:

    I’m not a fan of the government’s plan to offer free dental, either. They should offer free post-secondary education, instead.

  2. Anonymous says:

    Agreed and my co workers brother and wife are actually in a co op on geared to income and over housed in a 3 bedroom townhouse, but they need an extra room for exercise bikes and they sleep in separate rooms bc they are in their 60’s .Well how luxurious is that? Lmfao mean while they have so many people , young families who are in dire need of housing . Blame it on the landlords and property managers of these type of places and the city for not liking into this ! 2 vehicles? Should not be allowed . Favouritism for only certain tenants is called discrimination !

  3. Anonymous says:

    Fuck em degenerate drug-dealing scumbags

  4. Anonymous says:

    Middle class pays for everything because entitled rich folks dodge paying into the society they life in… tax the rich !!

  5. Anonymous says:

    It’s not right. I’m glad we have programs like housing for those that need it, but it should be like the poor house for those choosing that situation. If you are just looking for cheap rent but can stilk work, the program should not be for those people. Many young people with 2 or 3 jobs while attending school just to cover rent and then you have deadbeats who don’t care about working having a new kid every year. I am in the same boat as op, I would have to get another job if we ever have a kid and my wife was even considering not taking maternity leave… sad world we live in. Wise words from some on facebook, others are just dipshits screwing the system lol. Hard not to compare when your younger sibbling is rich in family living in housing and you and your spouse are the ones getting gouged for working hard and trying hard

    • Anonymous says:

      I look homeless despite owning my own home, the actual homeless or “poor” people rocking all the latest styles these days. No idea how. And before people say thrift stores, the prices there are sometimes the same as brand new.

    • Anonymous says:

      If my property taxes need to go up 5% and user fees for city services need to go up, I wonder if “rent” in housing is going up too? Or maybe make them shovel their own parking lots so they can teach themselves and their kids work ethic? Maybe make attending and passing a community college program mandatory if you live in geared to income, they can afford it after all and they will come out better for it. Sickening that we cater to people who are more than happy to just sit back and be waited on all day.

  6. Anonymous says:

    Thanks for saying what most people are thinking…

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