The main thing to teach in life to kids


Being raised with the notion that being popular and having many friends most just acquaintances, isn’t the end goal. The goal is to raise kids that your true circle of friends is very small, you never let family go to far astray into troubled water, and rhe most important priority is to be taught and to learn the ins and put of survival, taking care of ourselves as we grow and become successful, and learning how to live as an adult, as we leave our parents nest. Anything else is fake, phony, and ego based.

Don’t get it twisted. There a huge difference between having the acquaintances of the entire city as a million fake friends from having a few people in our cirlce, that are so much more than acquaintances. Having a small but powerful group of very amazing people who only want the best for us and wholl do anything for us and we would for them Is greater than having a shit tonne of people who don’t care about our future, success, health and well-being but sure can put that fake grand smile on when we see them out in public eyes.

Big difference. Huge. Learn the difference and teach your kids the difference too. Or don’t be a parent if ypu don’t teach your kids this very important life lesson. Please. A million friends at a parties on drugs don’t care about you as much as ypur circle. But so many can’t see that. Cuz they got enamored at a young age by popularity, lies, and the high that comes with it.



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