That wasn’t smart of me

That was very stupid , I was bored . So I wanted to see what my boyfriends ex looks like . Only because I was curious to see what the mother of his child looks like .

Well I don’t really know what he sees in me . Because she is absolutely breathtaking gorgeous. And well me not so much . So now I am wondering why he likes me at all because I don’t look pretty like now I am wondering to much before I go to sleep



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  1. Anonymous says:

    Start lifting bro

  2. Anonymous says:

    Take it from somebody that has severe stress disorders. Worrying will get you nowhere. Odds are when he was younger, like any typical male, he got with the best he could have at the time.. looks are everything to young “boys” as they mature, they realize that most beautiful women have all their talent in their skin. They are usually brainless, perfectionist and set in their ways. As they mature, they start to see beauty on the inside.. And in my experience, that would mean that you are as beautiful on the inside, as she is/was on the outside. You have more to offer him than she does, and as long as he still shows interest in you, in all ways, than you would have nothing to fear at all. In his eyes, you are the better choice.

    • Anonymous says:

      Well said, I agree. But I’m sure you’re beautiful as well inside and outside. You’re just being insecure . No worries .

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