Thanks for leaving us stuck

Thank you Fabio the snow removal guy!
For leaving 2 single women stuck with full driveways after you did not clear them once during this snow storm…but wait heres the kicker… he actually yelled I quit after he got stuck in one of our driveways and made matters worse. Unbelievable service we thank you.



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  1. Schuyler James Netzel they they should complain to who they hired not spotted

  2. Schuyler James Netzel then they should deal with the company, I guess I dont understand complaining about everything online instead because it solves nothing

  3. Wtf does being single have to do with anything.. fucking lazy twats

  4. Shawn LeDuc they pay by the time so once yard was done they got paid cash, when he went there that day and got stuck for the work he had done said you don’t need to pay me I’m done with these locations outskirt trailer park by youth prison, they agreed for next day service due to location, and would pay by the time in case he couldn’t make it and if they wanted other service they wouldn’t be stuck on contract, reason they stayed with him is cause they wouldn’t get any cheaper service with location they got lucky with someone who made effort but when you’s started complaining with the price you paid your lucky you didnt get dropped sooner Tammy in trailer park

  5. Yahhhh fabs love that man

  6. You mean the guy that you agreed to being done the next day after snow fall but complained about being done first when you pay a whole 30$ and demanded to be done that day at night while Fabio was stuck in your ditch for an hour and you didn’t go out and help him ya speaking to you Tammy and Jolene

  7. Not sure where u live but if ur in town I can cone snowblow snow if u need help. 5618032

  8. That’s like going to a restaurant and then being told go home and cook it yourself

  9. Seems they paid for a service and did not get it completed.

  10. If I was Fabio I would be sick of this shit by now also .lol

  11. Jessie D Miller they weren’t single ladies. Ladies is more then one. Together they could have done one, car pooled, then the other had all day to figure out a way home. Shitty service yes. I listen to ppl bitch about how our younger generation is lazy and blah blah blah. Wonder where the behaviour is learnt. Blaming is an excuse. Getting it done is the solution!

  12. My landlords pays a plow too. Today is day two my whole right side is sore. Due to shovelling. I drive a pick up, with 4×4 and got stuck. So, I put my winter wear on and began to shovel. Took me 4 hrs but… it done. Didn’t rely on anyone, just my shovel. Plus…. I made it to work!

  13. Bill Brideau says:

    Pussies . I cant go to work . My lot isnt plowed .. omfg. Grow a set . Grab an effin shovel panzy!!!! Realy

  14. Iam a guy,,,and i need my snowplow guy

  15. Jessie D Miller sure are

  16. Amanda Carrie for real, we are anomalies these days

  17. Why do women use the im a single mother like a disability? You’re a women, you have given birth, you are strong and resilient. Complain to the BBB and hire someone else.

  18. Tim Hayes says:

    If I had contracted for the service and he did not do his job I would be ticked too. Has nothing to do with gender.

  19. It’s hard to find good help!

  20. My 18 year old daughter snowblowed the driveway 2 this week.

  21. Omg ..the point for a service, you expect the service..period

  22. This single mom thing has to stop lol. Ill start pulling single dad shit

  23. Jessie D Miller women are fucking retarded these days they need someone to do everything for them it’s fucking pathetic!
    But if you bring it up to them that they need a man they get offended Jessica we need to change the world

  24. Are you fucking kidding me ” leaving 2 single women stuck” get off your lazy fucking ass and do it yourself I’m so fucking sick of women in this day and age you guys are fucking lazy as all hell!!

  25. I’m not understanding the point of pointing out that you’re two single women. Are you looking for ppl to feel sorry for you because 1 you’re single or 2 you’re women? Sorry you got stuck and all and he was a crappy worker but ppl deal with the snow with a dang shovel. It does not take a special skill to use one.

  26. Angie Ransom says:

    I’d be pissed to. If I PAY you to do a job, you DO the job. If you don’t wanna, tell me in advance, so I’m not then scrambling to cover your incompetence.
    Now, personally, I shovel my own. Cuz that way it’s free lol
    But if I paid someone to do it, then they just bounced…ya we gonna have problems and I’m sure NOT gonna recommend you to no one!

  27. Make some sammichs while your at it lol

  28. Strong independent women ?

  29. Shawn Yasko says:

    Just grab a shovel for fuck sake. Get to work woman

  30. I’m sure there’s more to the story than is posted.

  31. Jeff Langis says:

    if he was contracted by you he also has the option to quit. Options are a great thing. you know what else you have the option of doing? Shovelling or snowblowing or at least since we all live a capitalist society (sometimes you need the private sector) heres also another option HIRE ANOTHER SNOW REMOVAL SERVICE!!!!

  32. Till shovelling do us part

  33. Grab a shovel equal rights


  35. My plow persons got way more skills, that took some serious commitment right there

  36. Laura Fay says:

    Think of how fast it will get done because there are two of you!

  37. Dave Rawlyk says:

    So yaaaa female blues so let’s go

  38. Ryan Metson says:

    Is shovelling snow included in the equal rights manual?

  39. Zack Tryon says:

    Get shoveling ladies.

  40. Start shovelling!
    The rest of us do it!

  41. CJ Borne says:

    This sucks but you wouldnt be stuck of you busted out some shovels and adapted to your newfound misfortune. He is a shitty businessman for sure but you’re not stuck; you simpily just need to find other means to remove the snow.

  42. I thought todays women did not need men

  43. First fired by Harlequin…now two women…