Thank you to Lady in Costco

I’d like to say a big thank you to the kind hearted lady in Costco Tuesday afternoon. My husband was buying fruit for our children when his debit card was declined. Since Costco doesn’t take credit cards he went to the atm to try and pull out cash but was declined as well.

He was going to leave when a woman came up to him and gave him money to pay for the food. He tried saying no thank you, we’ll manage but she insisted and we were able to buy the food. It brought tears to my eyes when I heard this.

We’ve always managed to get by but funds are really tight right now and this little gesture helped out a lot. We will definitely pay it forward when our financial situation is better!



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  1. Anonymous says:

    A couple of weeks ago, I went shopping and my bank card was declined (at 2 ATM machines) not sure why, i had plenty of money in my account. Went to the bank the next day (when it opened) and they were not sure why my transaction was declined. I really don’t like all the negative comments (went shopping…had no money) You just never know, it could also have been something like this.
    Very nice of that lady to pay it forward.

  2. Pat Bouffard Pat Bouffard says:

    There is good people left in this world

  3. Im sure it happens.. people dont check their balance all the time

  4. Makes me believe there are still good people in this world

  5. Carol Leduc Carol Leduc says:

    This is such an amazing story to hear of someones generosity..there are still alot of kind hearted people in this world..a big thank you to the lady that was so generous..I hope that things like that bring happiness to your soul❤❤❤

  6. JD Tait JD Tait says:

    Haha yeah they are kinda pompous with their driving and behaviour but they do stuff like that. You should see what my grandparents do! Jesus they don’t let anyone know about it – they keep it anonymous because they don’t want the attention – but I have the records and accolades. When they’re gone the will know just who they really were.

  7. In this day and age it’s heartwarming to hear stories like this. Thank God for kind people who have compassion and show kindness to strangers. Wonderful story.

  8. As a Costco employee, I can honestly say we have amazing members. You would be shocked to know how often phones, purses, wallets, cash, etc. gets turned in. Often my faith in humanity comes from our members and their honesty, and respect towards others. The average are pretty awesome. 🙂

  9. Mary Walsh Mary Walsh says:

    Costco does take MasterCard if you have one. It is nice to hear there are good people in the world.

  10. Elma Daoust Elma Daoust says:

    It is soooo good to sit here reading something good this old world is so bad anymore but there still is some good ones left.

  11. How kind of her … and very sweet of you to post this so she’ll know how much her generosity and kindness meant to you.
    It’s such a wonderful gift to be kind …thank you to her from me too.

  12. Reading this warms my heart. Hope someone does something nice for her in return.

  13. WAS IT REALLY?! That, I can definitely believe!❤

  14. JD Tait JD Tait says:

    Cammi Bergeron just who we are

  15. Amy Welch Amy Welch says:

    maybe he went shopping and didn’t realize he didn’t have enough in his account and that why it was declined….if you are even a penny off it will get declined……doesn’t mean they went shopping with no money lol it means that they didn’t have enough in the account to pay for everything…..He probably feel foolish trying so many times and that someone was nice enough to help him out because they may have had been in their shoes one day and decided to help out as well…..just glad that they were able to get the food for their kids…..

    • and really, sometime we buy random things that we forget about. It’s human nature to make errors sometimes. In the end, it wasn’t expected, but very much a nice gesture. 🙂

    • Amy Welch Amy Welch says:

      yes this is true it is human nature to forget but its still nice to see that there are ppl out there who still give a helping hand when someone needs it…..

  16. So you had no money and went shopping… Makes sense

  17. So you had no money and went shopping… Makes sense

  18. I see it more often then you would think at my store (Chris’s YIG) on Lorne have actually done it myself with customers that come through my cash

  19. Very nice!! But where are those nice people when I am short a friggin dollar when I go to the grocery store?!? Bahaha

  20. Thanks for sharing! Kindness still exists!

  21. But costco accepts debit cash and credit

  22. Dan Proulx Dan Proulx says:

    NIce story. Costco does take credit cards.

  23. Money that tight and you don’t check your balance before hitting the store.
    Gimme gimme gimme money.

  24. Arimouski bientot same store yes

  25. Sue Topps Sue Topps says:

    I LOVE these kinds of shout outs!!!

  26. Finally a heart warming story and not jiberish. Wish your family all the best

  27. Shannon Dawn Shannon Dawn says:

    I had a sweet lady and her husband give my boys some change at the candy store a few weeks ago. Such a sweet gesture from a kind stranger. There are still good people here and my faith in humanity is slowly being restored. <3 Shout out to the Candy store lady that shared her dollars with my boys. Thank you so kindly. 🙂

    "It’s not how much we give but how much love we put into giving." ~Mother Teresa

  28. God Bless you and this random act of kindness

  29. Dennis Lopez Dennis Lopez says:

    Faith in humanity increased.

  30. What goes around comes around..great story

  31. What a sweet lady. That’s so awesome

  32. Krystle Dawn Krystle Dawn says:

    Awe Sudbury really has some amazing individuals ❤️❤️

  33. Love to hear this stuff and that there is kindness in our city ♥️ bless you

  34. This is something I did the other day in the mall… these younger kids were at ardenes buying stuff and when they went to cash out were short quite a bit… they looked really hurt, as they were trying to buy stuff to dress up…. I told them to keep their money and I paid for it… they were super respectful and thanked me numerous times… I definitely would lend a hand when I can to someone in need… Thank you to other kind people who care! It is refreshing!

    Can the poster of this post please pm me. Easter is coming soon. I have stuff Id like to bring u to help you guys out some more.

  36. Costco accepts credit cards. I use mine all the time there

  37. That was very nice of her!!

  38. Bob Bertrand Bob Bertrand says:

    Finally, something not moronic happening in this town.

  39. Costco accepts MasterCard

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