Term street us misunderstood and truly NOT cool or all hard

This is going to annoy many people as I’m well aware it should.

Here’s the thing, if you and your circle lack proper structure, (and as I say this you still ack the understanding of what proper structure even is) then I’m sorry to say youre considered a street person. Now let me explain; not street homeless person or wanna be poverty biker striker, in the slang terminology, but a street person in the literal term – you will walk around and easily become distracted, you don’t have many things going on for yourself, or you don’t have a solid foundation of a proper itinerary, thus causing you to open your door when bored which is often, and wander around your “hood” metaphorically speaking until you find amusement of some low sort

No matter how cool and popular you think you are because you grew up poor and became popular, you’re far from cool” trust me there’s nothing truly “cool” about coming from parents who didn’t give two shits about you, your rep, or your future. Being street” is the antithesis of cool. Contrary to the subculture who is very niche and unaware of the rest of the world and their surroundings. They are so unaware infact that they believe their generations of lies fed to them by poor street folk.

Open your eyes to the real world. We want you. We’ll accept you IF you’re willing to clean up a little and really see things for what they are. Come to the winning side. ;•D



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  1. Anonymous says:

    I’m sure op is just as shallow and boring as the easily distracted “street people”. Get a job ffs…no wait, that’s why you’re a boring nobody like everyone else who is otherwise average…

  2. Anonymous says:

    What the HELL was that gutter talk ? Slang for street person? I concur with replies and will add say it to This person , or are your afraid of the street coming out of it! Lmfao
    Just stip being a bored miserable single person with nothing better to do but sit around with your childish friends . Live and let live ! I’m rooting for the underdog !

  3. FJB/FJT says:

    It’s unfair that people languish in jail waiting for trial. Let’s go back to our roots, and implement justice as it was in the days of founding fathers. Get arrested on Monday, Sheriff starts investigation on Tuesday and wraps it up by the end of Wednesday, the judge assembles the jury on Thursday, the hearing is wrapped up and the sentence is announced by Friday Afternoon, the last meal served on Saturday Night, and hanging is done on early Sunday Morning, so all good Christians, witnessing the justice served on their way to church, can pray to Lord to forgive the poor soul that just has been brought before Him for a judgement.

  4. Anonymous says:

    Totally irrelevant babble to a “street” person. The use of proper grammar rules wouldn’t have hurt either in that unruly mess of a posting. – just sayin’

  5. Anonymous says:

    Written from someone born with a silver spoon in their mouth I suppose.

    • Anonymous says:

      A silver spoon and a smooth brain, that has to be some of the stupidest shit I’ve read. Just another one of scudsburys finest.

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