Tent City, homeless

Hey Sudbury,

I have an issue.
It’s a big one.
It doesn’t involve faceless gossip or sexual scandal.
It is actually kind of a life or death matter💔

As some of you may know, the city got rid of the homeless shelters in Sudbury after COVID.

I took up the homeless pandemic with the city of Sudbury yesterday and addressed the individual in charge, Tyler Campbell (Email:

I told him to get on the task of making sure the people living in city full of tents in Memorial park (Right beside the Tom Davies Square) don’t freeze to death.

I was very rude and very pushy I told him there would be protestors and the hashtag #FuckTylerCampbell would become very popular on the local pages if he continued to do nothing and allow these individuals to suffer to death in Canada, right next to the Tom Davies square nonetheless.

They have money for new safe injection sites, they have money for multiple methadone clinics but they have no problem letting people sleep outside their building in the snow.

Essentially they responded to my email very quickly and told me I was banned from all City properties for a year and told me that I would be arrested if I showed up. They got an official order for it.

This doesn’t sound like the type of assclowns I want to be giving my tax money to.

They had until the first snow to prove to me and all of the people in Sudbury, that they cared if the homeless people lived or died in the snow.

They have no problem having people injected with a vaccine to save people, but my problem is they will jab the homeless, and like hypocrites, send them back into the snow.

Now this isn’t an ANTIVAX post, there are many of those already, I just find it hypocritical.

This is more of a “Why are the homeless being allowed to freeze in the Veterans Memorial Park to honour the Veterans who died to keep our country safe?” Type post.

This is definitely a “I pay taxes so I get to tell the politicians they suck at their jobs even when they are actually doing them,” post.

This is absolutely a “Get involved, let the city know how you feel if you don’t want the homeless people to freeze to death in the parks,” post.

Cuz you never know, the way this country is going, the politicians don’t seem to care if you and your children lose your house and homes.

It could be you on the streets next and the way they don’t seem to give a crap about human life is unnerving.

It’s time the politicians start listening to the people again.

By all means, don’t do what I did.
Be polite in your messages.
But feel free to let these slackers eating up your tax dollars know how you feel about the city taking away homeless shelters then ignoring a city of tents in the snow.

Maybe let’s get these people some help instead of “going home to our fancy mansions, eating steaks everynight and cowering like little b***es behind bylaw when someone says “You’re a piece of s*** for letting people freeze to death and not doing your godd*** job

Some real Canadian compassion there in this toiletbowl of a city.

Clown-Mayor Brian Bigger is really earning his 300 Gs or so of blood money per year.

Once again, all complaints can go to as he is responsible for helping the homeless. You can always contact Biggers office as well. It’s not like he’s been up to anything important lately.

#FuckTylerCampbell is the preferred hashtag of choice and if you guys want to show up and protest it’s all up to you now because I can’t be on city property.

I tried my best
Merry Christmas 💔



14 Responses

  1. Anonymous says:

    So because I don’t waste my time watching politicians say nothing over 3 hours then I have no say?
    I got better things to do than waste my time drinking and watching other people waste time and money.

  2. Seethebigpicture says:

    Listen in on a council meeting. There are plans. Unfortunately and in typical fashion, red tape slows down the process to get housing in order.
    Last meeting council approved a nine bed shelter I believe. Construction to change several two bedroom apt into one bedroom is also approved. Oh, and a long and boring debate over RV waste dumping stations took a drink or two to get through lol
    But hey, don’t listen to me. If you want to know what’s going on, spend 3 hours every second Tuesday evening listening to how your tax dollars are spent.
    Yeah no thanks right?! That’s what I thought. Instead just bark and bark.

  3. Anonymous says:

    This is a great response. Thanks for taking the time to post this.

  4. Anonymous says:

    As the tents disappear, they keep adding more crosses. Hey Brock, maybe you should pre-dig a few hundred plots at the cemetary before the ground freezes up too much, plan ahead.

  5. Anonymous says:

    If so much money is actually going to help the homeless, then can you explain what exactly is going on here?

  6. Seeingthebigpicture says:

    You clearly have no idea what you are talking about. If you knew how much money the city actually spends on the homeless you would be crusading to stop that shit immediately.
    There are multitudes of organizations working together and busting their asses to help these individuals. Housing them helps, but there’s so many more issues at play.
    Look at tent city today, and you can clearly see there’s less there than last week before the cold. Some have moved on to warmer climates, some have actually been housed. Some even realized it may not be so bad where they came from.
    It’s an issue that certainly won’t be solved by soapboxing a tirade to a city paid employee, who has been working relentlessly day and night, not a politician.

  7. Anonymous says:

    Maybe one of the churches downtown could offer up the house of god to help these people. I live 35 km from the problem, my house wont help these people.

  8. Anonymous says:

    I am assuming that you have opened up your house to help clothe and allow these people to clean up?

  9. Anonymous says:

    I’m guessing brock the gravedigger would hire one or two to help, as long as they are bathed and not on drugs. Who cares about the tattered clothes, unkempt look, brock will look past that as long as there are no signs of highness.

  10. Anonymous says:

    How do you expect them to get clean when they are sleeping on the ground outside with no shower and no address to receive mail? Should they bathe in junction creek, sit in front of the exhaust at the bell building to dry off and then go get a job? I guess if they bathe fully clothed, the laundry would get done as well.

  11. Brock says:

    The people that are homeless in the park are only their because that is WHAT they choose to do. They could put their resources to food and shelter, instead they choose drugs and tents.I do not see what giving them shelter would do other than enable them to do more drugs..

    Tough love must be instilled. If they are going to receive any government help, it should only be done with clean drug tests.

  12. Anonymous says:

    All it would take would be to retrofit a couple old busses or a trailer with some heat and some beds, get these people off the streets and off the frozen ground. There needs to be options because the homeless situation will keep getting worse.

  13. Anonymous says:

    I wonder why no one wants to deal with the homeless people, the city, charities, the downtown BIA should also get involved. Looks bad on the whole city. How do you want to revatalize downtown when most would be patrons are afraid of getting shanked by a needle. The money going to fight the KED should go to fixing the downtown first.

  14. Anonymous says:

    I saw a young guy pulling a landscaping wagon down the hill on the kingsway heading towards downtown, did not have proper winter gear and was bringing rolls of plastic and other materials in his wagon. I felt bad seeing that and I wish I could help. Most of us are a few paycheques away from being in that same situation even without addiction issues. Makes me feel like us canadians are very replaceable in the end. If we die without reaching our full potential who cares right, someone will be here in no time to take our place.