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Everyone has a significant role to play when promoting the adoption of organ and tissue donor registration and transplantation.

Around 70,000 Sudbarians are not registered organ donors and all it takes is 2 minutes to do so at

April will mark the one year anniversary of the tragic Humboldt Bronco’s bus crash. Logan Boulet, a victim of the crash, became an organ donor and inspired more than 100,000 Canadians to register to be a donor. To honour Logan and his impact on organ donation, the Boulet family has declared April 7th, 2019 to be the first annual National Green Shirt Day. In addition, on Monday April 8th, schools and workplaces are encouraged to participate. To find out more info and how you can engage our local schools or workplace click here



4 Responses

  1. Richard St Amour says:

    Right on saved 20 million seeing that both my wife and son are kidney transplant recipients

  2. Adam Read says:

    Richard St-amour Haha asking people for their organs is like asking the rich for their money, it ain’t gonna happen unless they wanna give it away, and trust me, if the rich are paying ten million an organ, they’re going to be bumped up to #1 on the list..

  3. Thank You for posting this very important PSA and for certain honour Logan and all those who suffered in the tradgic Bronco bus crash and all donor families across our Nation . Closer to home remember Riley

  4. Sorry Adam but that is not the way it works and that is a misconception …rich or poor, no matter skin colour , eveyone is equal and as far as the number of organs avaliable that too is a misconception we have organ donor shortage right across Canada …The real problem is organ donor registration and it’s a National disgrace…right here in Ontario over 8 million eligible organ donors are not registered and in the meantime the WAIT LIST GROWS