Swallowing pride

So.. I hate having to do this as I’ve never been in this position. But my family is struggling. I understand everyone has their own hurdles and we’re now facing ours.

August and September were hard months financially and now we’ve hit a stump.

We’re a family of four and we truly give back whenever we can.

I’m looking for help.

If anyone has any “extra” groceries, or even $5.00 gift card towards groceries. My family could really use it. (I’m not looking for cash)

I’m sure there will be negativity… if so just please skip it for this post.



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  1. How about could you make it over to a FOOD BANK or a local SHELTER?
    Leave a blue box outside and put a paper that says PLEASE GIVE FOOD

  2. Ok this kind of giving has brought me to tears…I think I see the light with kindness. Bravo to many kind hearts

  3. Soup kitchen…
    Where is the daily supper ?
    Like wtf..
    People need to eat !
    I’m a single father and granddad. I’d gladly give some food away so their kids have food.

  4. Brad McGhee Brad McGhee says:

    Can u pm with things u like and you need. I’ll go pick u up some groceries today

  5. Jude Trudel Jude Trudel says:

    Your all Angel’s

  6. Pm me…….don’t want anyone to go without food

  7. Gale Stewart Gale Stewart says:


  8. Thank you for everyone who is helping this family. You’re Angels!!

  9. I will buy your family thanksgiving dinner groceries…please pm me and we can arrange drop off or pick up.

  10. How many kids and what do they like for cereal? And for lunches at school? Do your kids have pizza day at school, sub day or a pasta day I will pay for those for your kids for a month instead of food I see alot of people chipping in. If interested PM me I will go pay for it at there school or online like I do for my daughter. Have a good day

  11. To all the “Sudbury downers”, the next time you slam this city, just remember all the kind, generous folks who stepped up for a stranger needing help. It isn’t a perfect city, but look how quickly people gather around another in need.

    • Linda says:

      You need to learn to accept the good with the bad. This isn`t Kansas, Dorothy. There`s no point in trying to hide either. What is bad can always get better. Peace, princess.

  12. Sue Lavoie Sue Lavoie says:

    I have all the makings for thanks giving dinner for a family

  13. Sue Lavoie Sue Lavoie says:

    Please pm me I can help for sure I can deliver if close by

  14. Laura House Laura House says:

    Wow i am so proud of our city.

  15. The OP has started reaching out to us. Please check your others folder❤️

  16. Dave Pilon Dave Pilon says:

    I have no food, I eat out every day, but, I can send a couple pizza’s, PM me

  17. I dont really have much but if youre out in hanmer pm me i have a few snacks that my kid wont eat. (He opens the boxes eats 1 ans gets over it) also check out froogles and the food banks!!!!

  18. Valerie Lees Valerie Lees says:

    This is a beautiful example of a compassionate community in action…bravo Sudbury and area! Bravo!

  19. Can you please pm me i have a huge bag of food to give away and kids snacks

  20. Can you pm me please I’m closing camp and lots of foods I have for at home can help you for sure

  21. I have coupons for similac formula and diapers if needed PM me

  22. Luc Pigeau Luc Pigeau says:

    I can help Pm me !

  23. Please pm me would be happy to help

  24. Awww my heart is literally melting at all the support for that family.

  25. Rock Lapalme Rock Lapalme says:

    I don’t have much food to give (4 kids of my own) but I’m a CPA and I’ll offer a free review of your tax returns to make sure you’re getting all credits you’re entitled to, if you’re interested.

  26. Tanisha Todd Tanisha Todd says:

    The amount of support and help this family is receiving is absolutely amazing! So so thoughtful and heart warming.

  27. Nick Serre Nick Serre says:

    Gotta say, you guys rock!

  28. I’m in capreol if your here I can help a little but I don’t drive

  29. Not sure where you’re located but if you’re close by I can drop off a few things. I’m out in levack. Pm me

  30. I don’t have much but I can give some food pm me…. ❤❤❤

  31. I have alot of food as well… pm me

  32. I’d be willing to make a bag of cupboard food for you ❤ PM me

  33. I would love to help! Please message me.

  34. Look at all these people reaching out! This makes my heart SO happy

  35. Lisa Marie Lisa Marie says:

    Not sure the age of your children but our children out future provides lots of assistance. They serve families with children aged 0-6. There is also the food bank which is really great at helping families who are in need or are just struggling temporarily. Wishing you all the best!

  36. Pm me I can make a bag of things u need when I go do groceries

  37. Monique Cote Monique Cote says:

    You can message me.

  38. Let me know if you need more help don’t like to see kids go with out

  39. Come to Inner City Home of Sudbury. 251 Elm street. 1pm to 3:50pm Monday to Friday. We would be more than happy to help your family over this hump and ongoing until you get back on your feet.

  40. Bless your family and lord please help provide xoxoxo amen

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