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From my personal experience. The greater Sudbury police and Sudbury hospital need to do better surrounding people with mental health issues. I hope to show awareness with my story, as I’m finally ready to share it..

This was two years ago. I suffer from depression and ptsd after losing my child. I was outside my home having a bad day where I just wanted to be alone and to cry. After going back inside I had a knock at my door where I answered to two cops stating my neighbours called concerned about my well being as they told them I was crying “hysterically”. I explained what I’ve been through recently and I ensured them I didn’t want to harm myself. They told me they still think it’s best if I would goto the hospital. I told them I have a trauma counsellor and would prefer to call her if that would make them feel better but they refused. I told them I don’t feel comfortable but they said I had no choice. I told them again no I really don’t feel I need to and before I knew it they grabbed my arm and placed me in cuffs. I started to cry and ask what they were doing and told me they were taking me to the hospital to see a doctor. After realizing I have no choice I asked them nicely to pull their vehicle closer to my home so my neighbour hood didn’t see me being put into a police vehicle.. they told me no and continued to escort me into the back of their vehicle a block away from my home.. I had to be walked in cuffs as a parade through my neighbour hood for nothing wrong.. I didn’t even fight them. We got to the hospital, they continued to take me through the hospital in cuffs where they put me in a open room and hand cuffed me to the bed. They continued to stand and meet up with their fellow officers making jokes and laughing at the situation right in front of my room.. when the doctor came he asked me if I wanted to harm myself or anybody else, of course I said no, he asked me if I wanted to commit suicide and I said no, they offered for me to be referred to a psychiatrist and I agreed. The social worker brought me into a separate room where a counsellor came in and gave me an appointment to talk to somebody 3 weeks from then. They sent me back to my room where they discharged me and the police brought me back home they let me out and drove off without checking if I went inside okay.

Out of this whole situation, I don’t feel better, I didn’t feel helped, I was embarrassed, traumatized and degraded as a person.. At that time I didn’t feel I needed help, but I think of someone who actually would try to hurt themselves this is how they would be treated. Hand cuffed to a bed and given a appointment to talk to someone in 3 weeks time. This is not right and I will never trust the system again. I really pray and hope for everyone suffering a mental illness because this city needs to do better. I’m sorry I could only tell my story anonymous but I still feel like it needed to be heard



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  1. Anonymous says:

    honestly, most of us with experience in sudbury mental health have had that happen to us but worse. What about wearing the cuffs for 3+ hours? What about being locked in a room with nothing but a bed, a small table, and team of female nurses all with severe phone addiction, the inability to talk to you as a human being, and doctors who realisitcally want to keep you there forever.

    I personally, after being taken from my home, cuffed to a bed, was choked by them for over 3 minutes while restrained to a bed, then they threw a cloth bag over my head after punching me in the head several times and kicking me (all while im in cuffs restrained) and they do it off-camera and got all the witnessness out of the emergency room.


  2. Anonymous says:

    the whole world is against you, that’s right

  3. NotaSafePlace says:

    I’m so sorry you went through this. And I’m sorry your neighbours are such jackasses. If they actually cared, they’d be over there themselves, seeing if they could help, seeing if there was something they could do. But instead they outsourced their “caring” to an armed and uniformed crime organization. And the way you were treated is just gross. Cops are not even university educated. They take like a six month college course in “Police Foundations” then it’s off to police academy to learn … well, whatever that short curriculum entails. Then it’s onto your streets to do “important” work like shaking down homeless people, and arresting and humiliating people crying on their own steps. Shameful.

    And Brock seems to be some sort of cop/cop wannabe…. Disregard their comments – they’re not community minded, or caring, obviously.

  4. Brock says:

    It seems the police did the right thing in this case. Your neighbors are good people that were looking out for your well-being. You are fortunate to have such good people looking out for you. The reason why you do not feel helped is that you are in denial. The loss of a child is tragic and you clearly were not in a good state of mind.
    God bless the police and your neighbours.

    • Anonymous says:

      WTF is wrong with you Brock? Keep your bullsh*t analysis to yourself or risk doing harm to others

      • Anonymous says:

        No doubt, please spare the “God bless” bullshit. To the OP, I totally believe this story and could definitely see this happening with GSPS I swear at least 75% of them are horrible people.

      • Anonymous says:

        Ya stfu Brock, you’re one of the types that would call the police on a grieving neighbor. Cops should not be doing wellness checks.

    • Anonymous says:

      you are absolutely correct, Brock. Don’t listen to idiots

    • Anonymous says:

      i love how most sudburians without expoerioence in mental health sudbury have no clue how violent the cops are with mental health patients and what the actual procedures are or aren’t

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