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re: Students rally to save climate. This is all I have to say: Somebody needs to start listening. Earth’s going away in a hand basket, along with numerous animals from everywhere. Just how much abuse do you think the earth can take.

Look at the human body. Abuse the body too long with whichever it is, and you’ll pay dearly. Look at the opioid epidemic. And some things cannot be reversed. Or can they. What a chancy way to live. Sort of what we’re doing with the planet, is it not.

Make away with all the unnecessary use of plastics, and we’d see a huge improvement. Enough with this crap polluting the earth. I’ve limited my purchases in regards to products marketed in plastic. Walk down any grocery aisle and take notice. As for paper/cardboard, trees are a renewable resource.

Plastics are enormously disproportionate to need. And it’s creating havoc on the earth. There has to be a limit on convenience. I’ve reset mine. Why do we still have plastic bags in grocery stores. Why haven’t we reverted to glass bottles in regards to soda beverages. Because we’re lazy. Because we’re careless.

How nice it was to bring your empties back for a refund. We can do this for beer but can’t for soda? Bologna. Can you imagine drinking your beer via a plastic bottle. Yet we’ll PAY for a plastic bag. Makes sense? Bring your own reusable bags! Not to save the 5 -10 cents it is but to do your part in environmental issues.

NO ONE wants to listen to a bunch of kids, right? First half of the video is very compelling to me. The other half, not so much. To be there just to be there… you can tell which kids are informed and care. As far as not listening to what kids have to impart… That’s too bad.

Because a crap load of them are smarter and more caring than we seem to be in regards to environmental issues. What a bad influence and legacy we’ve left them. Convenience at the cost of life. What do you think this Earth is. If not life.

Like I said, somebody needs to listen and bring about some tangible changes to how we do things. We keep pushing technology on kids. Maybe we ought to be pushing environmental intelligence. Maybe they can bring about positive changes. As for us, I’ll take a wager and say y’all too jaded at this point to care. Oh, and too busy.

Good job kiddos.

Students rally to save climate



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  1. Jeff g says:

    Use condoms?

    human being produces around 1500 pounds of waste each year…

    just saying….

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