sudbury school buses

anyone else find it ridiculous the way the buses are set up? my son goes to northeastern in garson My issue is with school buses…

i moved into sudbury from Garson and found out buses wont go there from garson, was told its too far(even tho people can go there from markstay)… so i dealt with it… after a year i decided to move closer as i couldnt do the 30 min commute daily anymore, now am on radar road(less than 10 min from his school) and am being told i still cant get a bus because hes not in the right area still

anyone else dealing with this crap? anyone i can call to ask?



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  1. Go to the school in your area. It would be a waste of time to bus kids to all ends of town for every school

  2. The consortium is very difficult to deal with. They set their rules and don’t look at the big picture or try to accommodate at all.

  3. Anne Schwunk says:

    This is why you call the consortium before you move to find out the bussing/school situation. When I was looking to buy a house, one of the factors was whether or not my children could continue to attend their current schools. It’s called being proactive instead of reactive. I’m not a huge fan of the consortium and their rules but they are in place for a reason, even if we don’t understand or agree.

  4. Luc Rioux says:

    look into the law about how far away you have to live from school before a bus as to be obligated because if the walk is too far from school then they must provide a way home for safty of child

  5. Unless your child is enrolled in the French Immersion program, your child will not be bused wherever you choose, it’s by district……from experience.

  6. Jo Watson says:

    Here’s why…

    If your 10 minutes from North Eastern it isn’t your catchment school for bus service…

  7. Jo Watson says:

    From my understanding as I’m in the area too…

    If you live closer then 1km then you walk.

    If there is a difference public school that the area goes to by school bus and you don’t want that school then you have to find your own way to the school you select.

    So if they will not take your son you NE then I’m guessing it is because you live closer to a different public school and are not in bus catchment for NE.

    Redwood Acres Pubic School is probably the school they bus too from your area.

  8. Rob Mccrady says:

    So because my ex lives in Garson and I can’t afford the stupid price of houses there alone I have to suffer? I have my son every other week and he goes to northeastern, why when I’m 10 min away and apparently a bus goes by anyway can’t they pick him up… who gives a fuck if I have a car or not, they aren’t paying me for the gas it’s not like I can send him to hanmer one week and Garson the next

  9. Rob Mccrady says:

    Got one thanks, sorry to be frustrated that since I have 5050 custody of my son I can’t switch schools every other week. Would be nice to have the same conveniences as other people

  10. Rob Mccrady says:

    Lol love how everyone assumes it’s a woman

  11. I moved from grson to radar base and could not get a bus to northeastern eaither had to switxh her schools

  12. It’s really not hard to figure out. I live in the donovan. My kids go to school in garson. There are schools closer to my house than that, so they can’t take the bus (fine)
    You have to send your kids to the school in that district (usually the one closest to your house)
    If you don’t wish for them to go there that’s fine, but you have to drive them. I don’t understand why you think 30 different buses should travel here there and everywhere to accommodate every parents preference in schools. If I lived in lively and wanted my kids to go to school in the valley, that’s a me problem, not a bus problem. There are schools closer to you that your kid is can go to. Use them or quit whining. I add an extra 30-45 minutes onto my commute every day (each way) to send my kids to the school I want. That’s my fault. Nobody needs to accommodate me. I’m a big girl who made the grown up decision to send my kids to the school of my choice and the consequence is a longer drive. It’s common sense.v

  13. The way they set it up is ridiculous. My son goes to a school that is literally across the street and kids can take the school bus from our place. I refused to put my son on the bus if he can walk. But then there are kids in the city who are further away from their school and cannot be bused.

  14. Lynn Roy says:

    They won’t drive my youngest to Felix even though they will be driving my oldest there. All because we live on the wrong side of Barrydown. The bus isn’t full either. Doesn’t make sense.

    • Joe Wilson says:

      Think about that statement for a second. The bus can’t do a u-turn and they will not let young kids cross a major street because drivers in Sudbury don’t stop for the school buses stop arm.

      I drive school bus and someone goes thru when i have all my let’s and stop sign out every day. Every day. They do it at a crawl, they do it at speed. It’s terrible. So busses will pick up kids on the right side of the road but not the left.

    • I delt with this .. it’s because the younger kids get out 30 min later. By then the 7’s & 8’s are almost home . I was able to get my youngest bused in the morning but not home .

    • Darl Peace says:

      Joe Wilson that is terrible, but do they still have guards to make sure its safe for the kids to cross they can do that on a four lane as well

    • Lynn Roy says:

      Joe Wilson they don’t get picked up on Barrydown they get picked up right in front of my house but because we live on this side of Barrydown my youngest has to keep going to her current school. My oldest has no choice to change schools since her current school only goes up to a certain grade. I want them both at the same school for them to get home at the same time.

    • Joe Wilson says:

      Lynn Roy I’m assuming it’s like Ernie checkeris where it only goes to gr3? I’m still trying to wrap my head around that one but don’t think I will actually have a problem before they close checkeris and put up that super school around here. Sorry I misunderstood what you meant.

      Darl Peace we have city cross guards to help kids thru small intersections, but we aren’t allowed to let kids out unless it’s at their drop off location. So no to the older kids helping the younger kids.

  15. Adam Read says:

    A lot of busses wont pick up kids 10 mins away cause they can walk there, even if they have to walk along lorne street for example, tough shit for your kids, well, I think that is legit bullshit (I am not the op but have experienced this, as there is a french school down the street from my place that my kids cant get bussed too, but during the winter it’s impossible to walk as the sidewalk plows don’t get here till noon and like fuck i’m walking on the street in the winter with 2 kids especially with the drivers in this town) so yeah that is some bullllllllllllllshit, but so basically everything else in life, look around.

  16. Amanda Kay says:

    The consortium is a joke

  17. Jenny June says:

    I live in azilda and can’t get my daughter bused to St. Ben’s 🙁

  18. No it’s not ridiculous. They don’t want to have their bus drivers drive all over the city. Your kid gets a bus as long as you are in the schools district. And since the Radar Base is in Hanmer, your kid has to go to school in Hanmer if you want a bus. Move back to Garson or Falconbridge if you want a bus

    • Sam MD Tyson says:

      She said it was only 10 minutes away. She isn’t asking for special accommodations. . She is just saying it doesn’t make much sense being so close… why get snippy?

    • They never said they live on the radar base?

    • Radar Road normally means the Radar Base. I doubt someone who lives in one of the houses on that road would be complaining about buses or travelling to drop the kid off 10 minutes away lol

    • Scott Healy says:

      Why not? And not all the houses there are expensive and you can rent around there to

    • Whatever, the point is, if they want their kid in Northeastern then maybe they should move into the schools district

    • Shannah Legault you sound uneducated when you talk. There’s buses that take kids from capreol to northeastern. So you logic of living on radar road and having to go to schools in hanmer isn’t adding up. As well there’s kids in the valley that come into town for school. A wee bit of bus transportation will go a long way. Sure it’s her fault for not finding out exactly a bus will pick up her kid where she moves, but considering other schools have buses going into there schools is not a huge request.

    • I lived in Garson and wanted my kids to go to Holy Trinity. When I called for bussing, they told me they don’t provide transportation from Garson to Holy Trinity and that I had to drive them if I wanted them to go there. I heard of kids from Espanola being bussed to Holy Trinity. Figure that one out?

    • I’ve also heard of kids from the south and west end of Sudbury being bussed to Holy Trinity but my kids who lived 10 minutes up the road couldn’t get a bus to Holy Trinity… again, figure that one out know it alls

    • Shannah Legault well maybe that’s a call you should make with the school board. Fact is that there is a buses driving right past her house from capreol. Makes your situation a little different.

    • When I spoke to the school board this year about my son who MUST attend St. Francis for the specialiazed program they said my daughter can go to that school as well but I would have to drive her and my son gets a bus. There’s a bus coming to pick my son up, why can’t it just take my daughter at the same time?

    • Jenn Leclair says:

      I get what you’re saying Shannah Legault… the system is messed up.. no for some – not for others.. certain areas, special needs.. the bussing system has been messed up since I was a kid and that was 20 years that it doesn’t change

    • TD Buie says:

      Buses going from Capreol to Northeastern are for students in specialized classes only. Plus it has nothing to do with the school board, it is the bus consortium. The radar base and west is considered in the valley district, not garson, for kids in regular programming.

    • TD Buie the school board is setting up transportation for my son because the consortium needs to know that he is going to a school for the specialized program. That way, I don’t have a hard time getting a bus when I call for bussing infor

    • TD Buie says:

      Glad they are helping.
      Just letting people know it is not the school boards who set the routes.

    • If they accommodate for one kid then the next kid will ask from even further until they have to double the routes and taxes go up and so on. They have districts, which aren’t secret. Don’t want to drive the kid to school send the kid to the one you’re supposed to.

    • Celina Chitaroni true. My children have to go to separate schools. It sucks, but I can’t drive and pick my daughter up everyday. Especially since it’s so far away from where we live

  19. My daughter had to switch schools to take the exact same bus she was on to go to a different school. Same exact bus… But she could not take it to Valleyview, but could take it to Immaculate conception.

    • If Valley view is public, that’s the reason. Catholic school board is more accommodating for bus routes than public.
      For example in my town there are 3 public high schools where the kids are segregated by geographic location. However they are all eligible for a bus route to the Catholic high school.

    • But they are both only 10 minutes from my house.

  20. Kim Morrell says:

    The buses are set for certain areas.. I can tell you this the bus does not go from markstay to there.. unless there in high school.. the kids have to go to markstay public school if they live in markstay..

  21. Lisa Moroz says:

    I’m near Maley drive and a bus to Northeastern drives on Old Falconbridge Rd. Still have to drive kids in. Eldest in grade 6. Been at the school since she was 18 months at daycare. Not changing her now

  22. Ron Morel says: s crap for sure ..always have a hard time with them.!!