Sudbury roads

I am wondering who is ultimatly responsible for our Sudbury roads? I am not asking about a contractor that was contracted out to do a patch job here and there. But, someone who has the ultimate say about our Sudbury roads.
I would like that question answered so people that have this concern can actually address this issue and connect with a real person to get answers about our horrible Sudbury roads and main roads that should be plowed properly when it’s a snow day.
Sudbury roads are not well maintained and we spend good money on our vehicles and we should get some answers!


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  1. Never mind our vehicles, what about our bodies? We weren’t meant to suffer through 10 000+ bumps/impacts in an average day.

  2. Marc Verdon Marc Verdon says:

    Went to chemy the night after the storm I was amazed how the roads were actually plowed with nothing left in the roads at all. Belanger construction plows.

  3. Someone who is savvy with programming should write an app for smartphone users to be able to take a picture of a pothole and have its gps location tagged at the same time and sent automatically to city hall in the form of a complaint. That way there when citizens complain they smashed their vehicle, all the kids with their smartphones should hopefully have registered them all already and people could get their damages covered. This would pay for itself if created and adopted by sudbury residents. We have all the tools in our pockets already! Because we all know the city won’t cover damages unless the pothole was reported first, well here is the answer!

  4. Shouldn’t have to call in potholes , enough city trucks , city brass driving around the city that they should be able to identify the problem areas. City buses , dump trucks water sewer guys , garbage truck plus numerous small city lettered vehicles driving these roads. They blow out we pay for it.. so why they dont pay for taxpayers damages. Just lasalle extension alone doesn’t meet the minimal standards why wasnt the drop offs filled before winter. Many accidents along that corridor. Due to cities neglect. If anything happens to someone I know I will definitely raise my voice .

  5. Water runs under the roads and when it freezes it expands, breaking apart the pavement. Being winter I imagine that makes it harder to track down and repair the damage, and I imagine its prioritized by size and depth so the smaller holes will likely not get attended to until the bigger ones are repaired.

    It sucks…. I blew 4 tires last winter on my dart. Decided to increase my vehicle size this yr and havent had an issue.

    • Call the city and complain that you blew a tire and want to file a complaint to possibly get money to help pay for the damage… watch that hole get patched overnight.

      Called last winter and they told me to file a claim on their website and then print and submit at the office. That night at 1130pm when I drove by the pothole it was being filled. Before I could get in and do that paperwork.

    • Pam Rose Pam Rose says:

      Tabatha Edwards that’s how it goes. Every time

    • We aren’t the only town with a winter, but compare our roads to other city’s roads and there is a huge difference. We all know how potholes are formed, why haven’t road builders around here come up with a different solution yet? Obviously there is no money in building quality roads.

  6. Rita you’re right. The roads are better now than in the rest of the seasons. At least a bunch of the pot holes are packed with snow for a smoother ride

  7. Not only do we pay good money for our vehicles, but have you seen how much property taxes are here. The city is busy building entertainment centers, new cop shops and lining their pockets to worry about the roads their peasants have to travel

  8. Jason Bailey Jason Bailey says:

    Never mind the roads, everyone that has a driver’s license in sudbury should have to take a road test every year. Seriously 7 accidents this morning in and around sudbury. Put down the timmies , cellphone, and cigarettes. Windshield wipers are not an acceptable alternative for signal lights.

  9. Mike Gratton Mike Gratton says:

    Its Joe. Joe taxpayer.

  10. the guy in charge of the KED.

  11. Al Manion Al Manion says:

    Send all your concerns to Mark Signoretti and the downtown BIA syndicate. They are the empire to which all are expected to bow. Or at least we can try to distract them from detailing all things progress related in this city.

  12. Joey Telfer Joey Telfer says:

    Roads haven’t been touched since I was a kid. I lived out west for 15 years and their roads are nice. As soon as you hit sudbury when I get back you deffently know the roads are shit as you car bounces like your mug bogging

    • Oh believe me, even the roads that have been completely redone in recent memory are garbage already. MR80 in the valley, radar road, regent street, etc. It’s not like they aren’t redoing the roads once in a while it’s just the quality of the workmanship and materials is lacking.

  13. Ben Rinaldo Ben Rinaldo says:

    There needs to be a shake up. The contractors are complacent because there’s no competition. I think that the only 2 companies that operate in Sudbury are Pioneer and Interpaving. When Interpaving was prohibited from getting a contract then their competition would get the job and subcontract it to them. We need to form an activist group to voice ourselves loud and clear at city hall. We’ve become jaded and think that as Sudburians that’s what we get. It’s up to the citizens to do more than just whine. The city officials are developing leather ears and aren’t listening.

    • Joey Telfer Joey Telfer says:

      There is no money and deffenlty not enough to fix these roads. They all need to be dug up and repaved. None of this patch here and there shit.

    • Ben Rinaldo Ben Rinaldo says:

      Yet they money to plan all these million dollar projects. There are new methods in paving but, I think the companies fear if they adopt these methods it might diminish future work. When we complain all they hear is blah blah blah and go on with business as usual.

  14. Darryl Mckee Darryl Mckee says:

    Are you kidding? This city service is crap lol there is no way this city will boom in 10 years but I hear out west is nice. 🙂

  15. BETTY says:

    Really? Call the place you pay taxes to, good luck finding a real person to answer direct questions. The best you will get is transferred to the roads department. Also, contact your ward councillor for guidance..

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