Sudbury rent applications

Is this even legal?

What is going on in Sudbury with rentals, can the city help us out please.



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  1. Tommy says:

    Proof of income -yes., job & landlord references- yes. Some ask for a job reference. I’ve lived in quite a few buildings over 10 years and never heard of showing proof of given rent to previous landlord…rent receipts are usually for INCOME TAX.
    -DO NOT give personal info such as what bank, OR SI NUMBER. It’s personal and they DO NOT need that.

    Giving a bank statement is usually for people applying for subsidised housing.

    Out-of-town landlords are just rent collectors…

    And if you look at a building/unit that’s old and crummy, it shows what kind of landlord that is- CHEAP!!!
    DON’T expect cheap landlords to abide by TENANT rights either. (They’ll do what they want).

    Good luck! :)✌

  2. Anonymous says:

    Stay away from the out of town shitskins. Key deposit is illegal

  3. Kay says:

    Not sure if English is this landlords first language, and they can’t spell and are asking a lot more from renters than what they need. This would be red flags all over for me. Is this the kind of landlord you want? Some of what they are asking sometimes isn’t even possible, like if you own your own business you may not have traditional pay stubs. The last time I rented I improvised and brought a letter from my last landlord (was there 10 years), & wasn’t bringing in an income as I was on hiatus so brought them letter from my fnancial advisor affirming I am financially capable of paying rent. Also brought my own credit check score to show them & first and last in cash. They rented to me on the spot without even calling my references. Think outside the box, but before you do that, put some thought into what kind of landlord you want in your life because these ones sound super high maintenance to me. Good luck