Sudbury Immigration Pilot Program

Is Sudbury Housing evicting tenants at an alarming rate to free up units for the mass imigration happening right now.

Ryan Heights evicted several familys last month and imigrants moved in. over the last few days 12 familys got eviction notices from the sherrif and were forced to move out imediatly.

Does this have something to do with Sudbury being listed as a pilot project for immigrants? I was wondering how the city was going to find housing for these new people, is this the citys answer to evict local residents to house them?



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  1. Dean Farinha Dean Farinha says:

    good. Ryan Heights needs a good clean up.

  2. Robert Eric Robert Eric says:

    Go ahead … keep voting NDP and liberal … those choices are helping this happen … you make your bed now sleep in the F***ing thing…

  3. This is Trudope’s fault! I heard he has converted to Islam.

  4. There is a LONG processes to evict tenants and it just doesn’t happen over night.
    Pay rent on time, keep quiet, clean up after yourself and respect others in your neighbourhood.

  5. These programs are straight shit. Build a wall and get that dumb bastard out of office.

  6. So not only are they taking our jobs but people are being made homeless for em I say time to close the borders we are full

  7. WTF is this bullshit how are they allowed to do this I would not be moving out of my home for any migrants and I would be seeking legal advice

  8. Most of those evicted are probably paying market rent and too stubborn to move out

  9. How about jusr an idea that they didnt pay the rent . Stop with your bullshit ideas spreading unfounded information.

  10. Drew Allana Drew Allana says:

    I think people need to remember that the city very recently took over housing. Recently enough that they could have started implementing new guidelines soon enough to match this timeline.

    Remember correlation does not equal causation.

    Just because they happen in the same general timeframe. Doesn’t actually mean they’re connected.

  11. I think people within sudbury housing are being taken advantage of.

    Remember not everyone living in housing is on OW, ODSP, EI, many people are part time or fulltime workers or some attending school through OSAP, in that case rent fluctuates depending on your income and let me tell you housing doesnt recalculate on time which leaves many in arrears because by the time housing recalculates, 4 months has passed and you owe more than your rent was the previous months, then you end up with a N4 owing over 1000, on top of your monthly rent whatever it is when they recalculate again, it’s a vicious cycle.
    Tenants do not realize that when in arrears you could make a simple payment arrangement and abide by it and you wont be evicted but people dont know their rights and housing takes advantage of those individuals, the hard working ones in sudbury housing.
    This isn’t the case for all but many…

  12. Yes but Ryan heights had mail suspended for janurary till april without any notice. So when ppl found out they tried to collect mail but a lot was returned to sender or lost somewhere. I know a family who went to first tribunal and never heard anything else. Thursday morning sheriff showed up to lock them out.. because still disputing rent raise they got Red Cross and was gonna pay housing up to date yet housing refused the money. Never no issue with this family never complaints. Now this family is homeless. And 3 other families have also been left homeless without notice…

  13. If its Sherry M who works for housing this women goes completley out of her way to evict anyone. She’s even googled my name on face book and went by my status to try n say I was working. She’s followed me around the donovan until I pulled over bc I was driving a vehicle that I hadn’t registered with housing. I told her it wasent mine I was only using it from a relative to get my son to day care and back till mine was out of the mechanic shop and she began yelling at me calling me a liar. I reported her to housing and they can care less. She even tried pretending she was someone else over the phone once as I couldn’t put a face to her name so when housing transferred me to the property manager it would b her who answered the phone and us make my statement and she claim to ” look into it”

  14. sudbury housing also is selling all their scattered unit once people move from them so anyone who was on a waiting list for years including myself for 5 yrs waiting, got completely screwed over, now I have 4 children living in a 3 bdrm. Ive been on a waiting list since march 2014 got a call last year but they had messed up on the paper work, so I wasnt able to move into the unit

    People are also getting evicted in birkdale .

  15. I told you!! Lmao!! But apparently I’m afraid of Immigration.. this is the Trudeau government for you! Wait till you see what’s next

  16. Canadians are being pushed for what,the government is pushing real Canadians out to bring in immigrants who costs taxpayers because we cover everything for them,what happened to taking care of your citizens

  17. This is just a post to spread fear and hate right before an election. Some of the comments on here are absolutely disgusting and I’m sure more than one person on here is a troll. I’m shaking my head at the hate and stupidity.

  18. Did it ever occur to you that perhaps these rental units are just tired of being abused by their current tenants? They’re clearing out the bad tenants and getting new ones (some of whom might happen to be immigrants). Please don’t spread hatred.

  19. Susan Richer Susan Richer says:

    I’ve been on waiting list for 6 years for a one bedroom guess it will never happen ! Not fair I tell you

  20. Ivan Forbes Ivan Forbes says:

    There are so meny people on a waiting list that should be given housing before immigrants. This is wrong.

  21. Joey Telfer Joey Telfer says:

    I found this out in December with houseing . That they where holding units for imagrents moving from down south up to here. .

  22. I’m just here to laugh at all the ignorance

  23. If all this keeps up there is going to be a clashing of people’s not seen since the crusades! And I’ll be in the front line sharpend sword and excited sick of these monsters taking over every were

  24. Marty Trudel Marty Trudel says:

    I’m not buying this troll post. Please stop spreading lies to generate fear and hate of immigrants.
    There’s a process in place to deal with bad tenants and that process is completely unrelated to immigration.

  25. Yup the Muslims are coming Sudbury .!! Get ready

  26. Mike Reid Mike Reid says:

    You just don’t get evicted come Monday morning. It’s a long process, many letters are sent, possible court dates etc… it just doesn’t happen

  27. Zack Tryon Zack Tryon says:

    Un agenda 21 . Read it . Watch out though the liberals may call you a bigot, or ignorant. Like they haven’t seen what Germany or almost all of Europe has turned into in the last 5 years .

    I guess people also forgot theres 5 hotels in toronto full of refugees that are closed to the public, and everything is being paid for on taxpayers money . Wonder how many homeless vets are in toronto right now with no help ? Hmm. Canada first. We have our own issues to deal with . Oct 2019 cant come any sooner .

  28. Is this a statement of fact or a question?

  29. ,this is Canada and we deserve the rights of being Canadians we have an election coming up let show these idiots we are good Canadian citizen who should be treated proper

  30. They get plenty of notice.

  31. shame on the government and our city

  32. Gotta wonder what’s going on in Cape breton there doing same for no reason government paying for them

  33. no op the evictions aren’t because a needier person showed up. housing has rules after all.

  34. Anthony Ertl Anthony Ertl says:

    Terrible terrible terrible day for the baby mommas of sudbury, but at least these people work are are not living off the system, so to all the baby mommas that read sooo much on Facebook they think they are educated, your not, get a job, pay rent and you wont have a problem

  35. James Reed James Reed says:

    Immigration is going to happen whether we like it or not. So pay your rent on time. Pay your bills on time. Stick to the rules in your rental agreement. Then they will have a harder time evicting you. And I think the landlord can use that against you if you’re behind on bills, at least in Alberta they can

  36. We need to fix our cities first before we start helping others … Once fixed then go ahead and do what u want … Untill then fix our cities first … N if these people are being sponsored then the sponsors should house them …

  37. Jason LaFaci Jason LaFaci says:

    This is happening in Ryan Heights, Rumball Terrace, Louis Street and Place Hurtubise ….council knows and they’re downplaying it with the same shit Antifa uses

  38. Mike Gratton Mike Gratton says:

    You know how to not get evicted? Pay your rent – don’t trash the place – dont disturb your neighbors. Even then its not easy to get rid of someone.

  39. Elle Bee Elle Bee says:

    There’s always a reason for eviction but there’s more to this post than the writer states, I find it hard to believe.

  40. Misty Smith Misty Smith says:

    O man. There is so much ignorance to unpack here

  41. Lisanne Bond Lisanne Bond says:

    If that’s how it’s going to be, move. I left Niagara for the same reason. Thirteen year waiting list for housing. I had secured a house for my family (not low rental), signed the lease, paid first & last, gave my notice and with 6 weeks left was told “Sorry, we need the house for immigrants. You need to find somewhere else.”

  42. Dave Lacasse Dave Lacasse says:

    If you pay market rent you can not be there.

  43. Wait are they bypassing the list 🙁

  44. Dave Lacasse Dave Lacasse says:

    I don’t get how we had toms of Canadian people on the top of the list, now there is a ton of immigrants on the top of the list.

  45. Just wait… In 10 years Sudbury will look NOTHING like it did as a child. It’s coming… Toronto of the North… A big flaming cesspool of diversity

  46. Jenna Rae Jenna Rae says:

    maybe these people breached contract, and the other people were next in line.

  47. Anyone they can sick the sheriff on they are on Bruce st

  48. Cant be evicted without just cause..its not legal..

  49. No, because one of the requirements for immigration is proof of self-sustainability. You can’t emigrate here if they think you won’t have the money to fend for yourself. Also, the new program is specifically for people who are being hired by the companies who are sponsoring them.

  50. Evicted for what cause though?

  51. Pretty sure it’s people being kicked out for just cause, not some immigration conspiracy theory.

  52. Nikki Peters Nikki Peters says:

    If there isn’t room in Sudbury they should not come here. Already bad enough.

  53. I hope this isn’t happening! They said this happened in TO a few years ago, and people were evicted from hotel rooms to accomadate. They should build more housing units, so everyone has a place to live.

  54. Someone just stuck the truth. It is a sad day in Canada

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