Sudbury hospital sending covid positive cases to quarantine in Four Sisters hotel

Sudbury hospital has been sending covid positive patients for forced quarantine at Four Sisters Motel. Check it out for yourselves. Round the clock security presence, police suprrvisors checking in.

If you test positive, prepare to be isolated.



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  1. Hopeful Harriet the fearless says:

    I imagine this is for those who cannot self isolate at home,or be trusted to do so on their own. . It wouldn’t be required, to this extent, if people would get vaxed and follow pandemic protocols. HSN is overflowing with critically ill unvaxed people and overworked/exhausted healthcare staff.

    • Anonymous says:

      That is the most misinformation and outright lies in one paragraph that I’ve witnessed in a long time!

    • FJB says:

      Must be one of the loonie toons from the ones that aren’t censored must be bots. I can’t believe anyone at this point is still that brainwashed. It actually makes me sick to see the covid cult parrot every step of this bullshit in the last two years. Pssst…I didn’t die, infect or kill anyone by not wearing a mask, I didn’t die, infect or kill anyone by not locking down, I didn’t die, infect or kill anyone from not getting the first shot, the second shot or the booster. I didn’t miss a day of work or touch a lick of CERB. I’m fucking paying for everyone elses though.

      Covid cult at booster number 32; “hey guys this one is really going to get you if you don’t start getting your shots, this lambda omega kappa variant is a doozie”

  2. Anonymous says:

    They have to do it, this virus is so deadly some people don’t even feel sick and they can walk around like normal

    • Anonymous says:

      It’s not even true lol. It’s were they are sending positive cases from memorial park. Smh

  3. AllGood says:

    So you get a little holiday not hurting anybody….