Strollers on the Bus.

I’m just going to put it out there because I’m annoyed with how people how bring strollers on bus seem to act. I’m tired of having to watch elderly people struggle to find a seat on the bus because front seats are taken up by a stroller. It grinds my gears specially when these people see a elderly person get on to the bus and they stare as they walk by struggling to find a seat and they just look back down at their phone. Now I can already see the well give up your seat comments coming and ill tell you.

I’m not going to get up from the far back corner seat and say hey you can take my seat making them walk to the back when the bus is already moving by that time they should not have to struggle to make it back there. Before this stupid rule was made strollers had to fold up before even getting on the bus and I stand by that it should go back to that old rule. Does anyone else agree? If so maybe we can figure something out to have it changed back some way some how?



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  1. Ashley Lebid says:

    It should most definitely go back to folding up the stroller before you get on the bus. People managed to do it when it was the rule so there should be non complaining.

  2. what gives old ppl more right then any one eals we live in Canada so thay are not vets ..soo thay just get props for being old ya I don’t think so ….thay walked to the bus stop thay can’t walk 2 more feet to a open sit…..and where would you like the strollers to go …ppl are fucked can’t wait to see what bullshit 2017 has in store #FUCKYOURFEELINGS

  3. The best solution to keep everyone happy is actually quite simple. Our busses need an upgrade. It’s really not that hard to re arrange the seats a bit to allow a bigger space in the front of the bus for strollers and wheelchairs. Allow only those with strollers walkers or wheelchairs to be seated in this area. Doing this with more frequent runs or adding new routes would solve the problem

  4. Marc Verdon says:

    Do you not have to pay for that bus ride? So why the hell should anyone have to give up their seat? Maybe complain to the city

  5. I’m sure there is someone near the front who could offer a seat, and simply doesn’t even notice because most people are slaves looking at their phones.. Heaven forbid they look up to notice an elderly who should get the respect of them moving for them.. Society has become sad.. Lack of manners, respect, and communication skills. People are mostly controled by the device between their hands, and fail to connect to the real world.. 🙁

  6. the rules clearly state that the seats must be givin up for elderly and handicapped…my daughter is handicapped and in a stroller and i have had the same problem. i have had to stand outside with her freezing because a “normal” baby in a stroller won’t move for my child

  7. With so many people with isolation issues, it’s probably best to engage your fellow citizen since that’s what a community is. Judgment is for the spiritually enlightened, yet misused by the short sighted..

  8. People today seem to have a sense of entitlement. It doesn’t matter what the rules are, they are always right. They feel entitled to take up that seat while the older person is looking for a place to sit. This is all hidden when they look down at their phones and ignoring what’s going on around them. It’s rude, and disrespectful, but they don’t care, why? Because, they are entitled to do so. And what that boils down to is a lack of respect. They don’t respect anyone. And since we are on the topic of buses and lack of respect for others. How about those people who let their kids stand on the seats, getting them all wet from their slush soaked boots?? What the hell is wrong with you people?? Letting your child walk all over seats getting dirty slush water all over them?? I can only imagine how dirty your home is, if this is how you allow your child to act in public.

  9. Dean Farinha says:

    If people were normal… They would own a house and car long before having kids. But, I guess as long as we have a pay to breed system…. Deal with it.

  10. Okay well one side should be stroller and other elderly. The problem with this bus system is are buses don’t run often enough so the buses are crowded and often times unfair seating. If they ran more often it wouldn’t be so crowded and it also probably wouldn’t be a problem waiting for the next bus if there are to many elderly, babies, ext.

  11. Don Guay says:

    Strollers on buses at three in the after noon, how hideous. Woman should be home making super for their

  12. Darryl Brian says:

    Women’s are right ♡ I support women rights♡♡♡

  13. Mis Anne says:

    I know what it’s like to have to take the bus with two small ones and a stroller you fold ed the stroller before the bus got there helped the oldest climb the stairs had the other one in your arms with the diaper bag and purse on my shoulder and brought the stroller up in the other hand after a few times doing that I bought a light stroller that folded up easier it was much better and I would go to half way on the bus and sit back then people were more polite and would help me if they were at the bus stop and even give up their seat I would even make my older one give up his seat for an elderly person

  14. Jen Stone says:

    For all those who say…but I have a diaper bag…I have this…I have that…
    Could you not use a back pack instead??? It would definitely free up your hands…
    As for all your bags…invest in some of those zippered tarp bags from the dollar store and use those….

  15. Im sorry but a small infant is kinda more important.

  16. Sasha Walker says:

    My stroller is hard to fold up. I have to pull the strap with one hand and push the button on the other side with my other hand at the same time. Who may I ask is going to hold my baby when I do this? Once my baby can stand by herself, no problem. If someone comes on the bus who really needs that spot more than me I will do what I have to do. But it hasn’t happened yet. And as my daughter is only seven months old I do need that spot right now. Or should I let her crawl on her hands and knees on the dirty bus floor while I fold it up?

  17. I still don’t understand why they take up the front seats meant for disabled and elderly..why not fold up the stroller and take it further back.. I haven’t taken the bus in over a year, but last I did ive seen alot of mother’s just fold it up and carry their baby’s on their lap. I’ve seen some get up and give their seat to elderly as well.

  18. There were 2 strollers on a packed bus once and an elderly lady with a walker got on. Yes she was offered a seat but it was further back so she wasn’t able to get to it. I agree that it is convenient to keep the stroller open but elderly should sit as well. Only solution is MORE BUSSES

  19. Folding up a stroller full of groceries while holding your baby and juggling 4 kids is not only difficult but its time consuming and the drivers get mad. I also found it to be dangerous as you don’t have hands to hold on to other little ones and it takes up more space as you know need to find room for stroller, stuff that the stroller carried and yourself and all the kids. They should just make a couple stroller spots. It would mean loosing a couple seats but would make it safer for travelling with babies. And would leave the front open to those in need.

  20. Rob Dobson says:

    There are 7 other seats meaning 7 other ppl can get up PISS OFF.

  21. With being a mom of three, once my children knew how to walk they were right out of the stroller and walking, as my father had always said to me growing up, you have two legs and a heart beat walk, I still live by that even for my kids, only time I use a stroll is for when they were unable to walk, even at that I try my best to just carry my child or baby when it comes to the bus it’s only fair to the elderly, I hate to see them struggle.

  22. What pisses me off is watching people use up that spot with these stupid umbrella strollers. They are small and light and most kids that are in them can walk. Fold the thing instead using and abusing this. I do get what ur saying tho. When my older 2 where born the rule was fold up ur stroller and I managed just fine. But even then u had people give u dirty looks cuz as ur sitting there trying to get ur child’s carrier and diaper bag out and fold the stroller up u where holding the bus up

  23. I agree, except for moms with infants in a travel system. They shouldn’t have to juggle their bags, hold a car seat, and fold their stroller, all while trying to make sure none of it falls. My opinion anyways…

  24. Jenn Morin says:

    Talk to kirwan, he’ll make anything happen

  25. I had my children in strollers when you had to fold stroller up and I managed just fine ! I also hate when people get on with those massive ass jogging strollers ! Like really though its already big u can fold that shit up only time I dont mind seeing someone standing with a stroller is when the child is really small but if your childs a yr or older especially 3 yrs old take dam kid out the stroller

    • Sasha Walker says:

      That I agree with. If my child is a year old then there is no reason why I can’t take her out and fold it up.

    • That may be so but the rules didn’t change for you, the rules changed for people who have children with mental or physical disabilities who absolutely need to stay in their strollers so instead of complaining maybe you should realize that some people don’t have the choice and their child actually needs to stay in his stroller for medical reasons. Would you tell a person in a wheelchair that he has to get out of the chair and fold it up and sit on a seat? No you wouldn’t. The reason the rules changed was because a family with an infant who needed to stay in his specially designed stroller that also acted like a wheelchair got refused too many times. The rule was changed to meet the needs of disabled people. Not lazy ass parents. Only problem is sometimes you can’t necessarily look at someone and know for sure if they are disabled or not. And bus drivers can’t go around asking everyone if their children are disabled so they just let everyone with a stroller keep their children seated in it.

    • First of all thats a totally different reason ! For disabled children , but 95% of sudbury children are not disabled!

    • I see fat lazy ass people with obessed children in strollers! The only disability that child will have is laziness cause the parent over feeds then shoves them in a stroller instead of walking and getting healthy

  26. Fold down the stroller once you are on the bus! I am sure there is someone that will give you a hand if you ask for some help. And if not then you stand. Those seats are there for people sitting with their children in their arms or for seniors and disabled that need them. People now days have no respect!

    • Lol no, i folded my stroller and was having issues getting it out as it was stuck and the driver took off from my stop without looking back.

    • Sasha Walker says:

      Okay isn’t this a bit of a contradiction? You are saying that those seats are for people with children in their arms? Where else is my seven month old going to be when I take her out of the stroller?

    • Some people leave their kids in the stroller and take up a seat as well. If your child is strapped in the stroller then you can give up your seat to someone who really needs it

  27. Rob Moyle says:

    Hold on. If you have more than 3 kids you shouldn’t be on the bus every frigging day Where’s there daddy lol Their was a time when there weren’t no cell phones either shit head

  28. Karen Taylor says:

    I had twins and I never ever figured out how to fold up their stroller. Not happening, especially not quickly. But I would have stood with my stroller, moving to give the front seat to the elderly person. I believe our senior citizens should be treated with the utmost respect.

  29. Shanda Cayen says:

    See i agree with it if your kid can walk dont use a stroller have them sit. Next to you… i use a baby carrier most of the time though when I use the stroller its cause im having a bad day with my knee.. and i have a major knee injury. So yeah I agree with this. Even when I had my newborn in the stroller I folded it up as two ladys with kids who were like 5 and could easily walk. Refused to move even when the bus driver said so. They also refused again when asked for elderly.
    Some people have no care.. that day i gave up ny seat for a elderly man and i held my babys carrier the whole ride

  30. Amanda Kay says:

    I managed a double stroller with twins ( when they could walk ) and my oldest 2 years older under the old rules when I had to use the bus.

  31. And what’s even worse is half the kids in strollers are old enough to walk, people just being lazy!

  32. Jenny Sunday says:

    I managed quite well with 2 children and a umbrella stroller mind you it was in the 80s and they did not invent the mini van strollers yet,when when my daughter was 2 iI took a bus every day folded my umbrella stroller and my daughter sat on my lap and iI survived

  33. I had my child when the rules were that all strollers had to be folded. I managed to hold my child and the diaper bag and still get the stroller folded. And when it was winter, I was still able to manage. It didn’t bother me at all to do it. So I’m not sure why people are complaining that it’s hard to hold your baby and the bag and this and that while folding the stroller. It’s very doable. There were also people that offered help to fold up the stroller at times and take it off and on the bus. It’s really not that big of a deal to fold up and size stroller. It is however a big deal when those who need priority seating don’t have access to it.

    • Rob Dobson says:

      not that its hard it can be unsafe was on a bus the other day lady had her little one pretty tight bus slammed on its brakes little one fell on the floor. Ambulance called and bus 20 mins late Luckily thet little one was ok but if he was in his stroller that could have been avoided

    • I absolutely agree with that. I was mainly directing my comment the the few women that were complaining that it was hard. I was just stating that it’s not hard to do. A pain in the ass, yes lol. But the babies are safer in strollers for sure. Because a lot of the drivers are hard on the breaks.

    • I honestly think it depends on the stroller too. My summer stroller I could fold up and carry up the stairs with one hand. My winter beast, not so much. But I’ve also avoided the bus (boyfriend has a vehicle) for that very reason. Sucks for others though.

    • They just starred allowing every stroller because a couple with a disabled infant who needed a specially designed wheelchair/stroller was refused on the bus because the parents could not take him out of the specialty stroller because he needed it. And the driver didn’t belive he was disabled. The couple later proved their case after multiple incidents and the privately run bus company decided to change their policies not for every day parents but so that parents like this couple would never have to deal with these problems again.

    • Joel Noel Neault and I absolutely agree with that child case. That’s a case where the child should be allowed to stay in their stroller. But like you said, the everyday strollers that are bought in stores should be folded up

    • If people have more than one kid I would totally get why it is hard

  34. Glad I don’t take the bus anymore.. but as a single mom, I know how hard it was folding up a stroller while holding your infant and a full diaper bag. Juggling all that and trying g to have your bus pass ready… it sucks. When my kids were young I rarely went anywhere that I couldn’t walk to. I disagree with changing the rules.

  35. If elderly people are sitting in the priority seats and there is no other seats in priority seating. Strollers are to be folded up.

  36. It actually says on the posters on many of the buses that the new policy for the strollers are that they do have to give up their place for people who actually need it… that they have to fold up the stroller and have the baby or child on their lap

    • Exactly, self entitled Lil shits!

    • Actually the new poster say you DO NOT have to fold up your strollers.

    • Amber Af says:

      Strollers do not need to be folded and children can remain seated in the stroller if:

      Size is no larger than 24 inches wide (61 cm) by 48 inches (122 cm) long and
      Priority Seating is not occupied or needed by persons with disabilities.

      If someone elderly comes, you’re to fold your stroller

    • I’m sure people will think I’m a dick for pointing this out, but the elderly sections are the front section of seats before the back stairs. Notice the sticker on the window showing person with cane.

      The stickers near the fold-up seats actually show disability, people with casts etc, and wheelchairs.

      Maybe it’s a source of some confusion?

      Not saying it justifies things, there’s such thing as common curtesy, but it is something I’ve noticed in the past.

    • And you are right Britanie Danielle Leclair the reason the stroller rule changed is because of a disabled child who needed to stay in his stroller that was specifically made to also act like a wheelchair for infants. They changed the rules because of the issues it caused. But they still make any strollers move if someone in a wheelchair has to come on the bus

  37. Jo Watson says:

    Is the front not designed for both. And if your so concerned yes give up your seat. But make it loud before the bus driver moves so they know the person is still walking. And fyI if your at the back why are you ragging on the people with stroller’s vs everyone in between the strollers and the very back of the bus?

  38. I understand this if the person has a regular umbrella stroller but folding up the stroller and taking your kid out and your stuff takes up enough space to take up three seats

  39. I get what you’re saying, but often I do see people with strollers get onto buses, when there are young people sitting there (no elderly people) and they do the same thing, not offer their seats or anything. Just yesterday a woman got on the bus with a bunch of grocery bags, and a stroller, and not a single person offered their seat so the child could sit safely.